the Construction Chronicles- Coming to a Close

The last month has been jam-packed, busy, and a bit chaotic.  We literally haven’t touched the bathroom in about 3 weeks.  As far as construction goes, it was completed the last days of April (minus the fact that we have to re-order the correct sink faucet). The last few tasks on the list we decided to complete ourselves to help save a little more money.  We cleaned and sealed all the tile, which took a night’s worth of work, plus 48hrs to cure.  We puttied and painted the baseboards and crown molding.  Greg installed the toilet, which by the way, is probably the best toilet we’ve ever owned!  If you’re in the market for a new toilet, the Kohler Cimarron is the way to go!  Anyways, we did get the plumber to come install the sink and (wrong) faucet.  Then about a week later, I puttied the new door trim, and a few days after that I sanded and painted all the trim. And while I was at it, I went ahead and repainted all the trim down the hallway….  Why not, right?  It needed a fresh new coat!

Apr28-bath (15) Apr28-bath (12)

Apr28-bath (1) Apr28-bath (8)Apr28-bath (10)

May11-bath (1) May11-bath (4) May11-bath (6) May11-bath (7) May11-bath (8) May11-bath (9)

At that point, it was almost ready for me to move back in except for 1 thing.  Remember this big built-in cabinet we took out?Mar7-bathroomsBEFORE (18)We decided not to put in another built-in and instead find a free standing cabinet instead.  I thought it would feel less cramped if you could see wall space above and tile below the cabinet.  So I found this one at IKEA that maximizes the space and has the right look for the new bath.

May11-bath (10)However, we don’t have it yet.  I refuse to pay $60 in shipping cause that’s just ridiculous in my opinion.  But of course a trip to Atlanta just for that didn’t make much sense either.  Well luckily Greg needed to go to Atlanta for work the week of Mother’s day so we decided he could swing by IKEA and bring it home with him.  Perfect.  Until I got home the following Tuesday from work to discover he had come home from Atlanta and TOTALLY FORGOT to go to IKEA.  Super bummer.  So literally for the past 3 weeks I haven’t moved back into the bathroom because we don’t have the cabinet.  Stubborn?  Maybe.  But I’m a penny pincher.  As soon as we get the cabinet (hopefully Greg will need another trip to Atlanta soon), I can get all my stuff moved back in and enjoy the new bath.

In the meantime though, I’ve spent plenty of time decorating the space!  I have bought probably 8 shower curtains at this point, various accessories, towels and brain-storming some ideas for the space.  Here’s a few of those options I contemplated…  (and remember, the sink faucet will be brushed nickel eventually!)

May13-bathcurtains (5) May13-bathcurtains (12)May13-bathcurtains (7) May13-bathcurtains (15)At this point it’s between the first 2- blue paisley or pink birds.  The 3rd option was ombre and I didn’t like how the lighter upper half looked against the gray walls.  And the 4th one was actually ivory and blue, not white…so it just looked dirty against everything else in the room which is crisp white.  I put out a vote on Instagram and blue was heavily favored, but I don’t know if I can turn down the pink flowers and birds.  It’s really a salmon colored pink, which I think is nice.  When I get everything 100% done, cabinet installed, art on the walls, I’ll do a big final reveal.  Until then, you’ll just have to wait and wonder…pink or blue?  😉

So that’s where we stand on the bathroom.  2 months and counting but it’s been worth it!

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  1. I actually like the bird one! Both of the first two choice are nice, but I prefer the birdies. Looks great!!

  2. I like the birds…colorful and pretty. Looks great in the picture. The blue is too plain and boring….

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