No, not our house.  We’re way too deep in remodeling for any of that crazy business.  But there’s lots of stuff inside the house that we need to sell.  We had a big yard sale right after we got married since we had both lived on our own for a while and had lots of duplicate household items when we combined houses.  But now it’s time for another.

So if you live in the Birmingham area and would like to come check it out, let me know!  I can send out private Facebook messages with our address (just to be safe).  But we’re in West Homewood, more specifically (past Patriot Park and the Senior Center).  There will be RED signs in the neighborhood directing where to go!  The sale will be from 9am-noon this Saturday, May 18th!  Here’s a sneak peek at a few things we have for sale….

medicinecabinet (3) medicinecabinet (4) photo1

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frametastic3 frametastic1 frametastic2

frametastic5 frametastic4