Memorial Day by the Lake

Boy did we need a day to relax, and this past Saturday provided just that!  Memorial day was one of my holidays to work this year.  But, somehow I also was scheduled to work 5 out of the last 6 days.  That’s right, I worked Thurs, Fri, Sun, Mon, Tues.  It was rough.  So when I knew I was off Saturday for the holiday weekend, I wanted to make the best of it.  Since the weather has been mild lately, I really wanted to have a day in the sun.  So Greg and I decided to go to my grandaddy’s lake with my mom and Dwayne and enjoy a peaceful day with the dogs down there.  What better way to spend Memorial day than enjoying the lake my Grandaddy (a veteran) built and remembering him.  It was great! The sun was shining all day, the dogs had a blast as usual, and I finally got to put on a bathing suit for the first time this season. 🙂May25-MemorialDayWknd (1) May25-MemorialDayWknd (3) May25-MemorialDayWknd (17)May25-MemorialDayWknd (26) May25-MemorialDayWknd (25)Me and mom pretty much hung out on the dock all day, listening to music and reading magazines.  We brought our friend Michael with us, and he and Greg spent hours out on the water fishing.  Michael caught a huge catfish!! Definitely the biggest fish I’ve seen out there, although Dwayne does a LOT of fishing out there and he’s caught a few big ones too!  Of course this was the most exciting part of the day…we decided to filet the fish and take it home to cook later 🙂  I have several memories of my Grandaddy skinning fish that he caught and brought home from this lake.May25-MemorialDayWknd (7)May25-MemorialDayWknd (8) May25-MemorialDayWknd (10) May25-MemorialDayWknd (11) May25-MemorialDayWknd (12) May25-MemorialDayWknd (14) May25-MemorialDayWknd (20)

May25-MemorialDayWknd (16)We grilled burgers that night and sat by the camper after a long day in the sun. We were all so content 🙂  Such a great day!May25-MemorialDayWknd (28)May25-MemorialDayWknd (22) May25-MemorialDayWknd (29)

Laundry Room Fiasco

Remember that laundry room we’ve been working on?  Geez, is that ever gonna end?  Will we ever be done with construction at our house?  haha, welcome to our life these days 🙂  It truly has been quite the experience.  Greg and I didn’t do marriage counseling before we got married, but he has said several times now that surviving months of renovations together has been counseling enough!  If we can survive this, we must be doing something right.

So right as we came to a close on our bathroom construction, we decided to splurge on our laundry room renovations and switch from a tank water heater to a tank-less system.  And honestly, our biggest reason was strictly to save space.  With the water tank in place, we lost a nearly a 3x3ft corner of the already small laundry space.  So by getting rid of it, we opened up the floor space which will allow for more storage room. Mar4-laundryroom (6)

And in our weeks of contemplating this decision we tried to plan it out best we could around our work schedules so that the time between disconnecting and removing the old tank and installing the new one would be minimized (and ideally fall on days I was off from work). We figured 2 days tops.  So on a Tuesday afternoon (while I was already at work that day), they came to disconnect the old tank and put in the tank-less system.  When Greg and I got home Tuesday night we discovered the tank wasn’t working.  We did not have hot water.  I didn’t have to work the following day, so I just skipped my morning shower that day.  On Thursday, they sent the plumber back out to run a new gas line directly to the tank-less system (instead of running the line off the furnace, which also runs by gas). After a few hours of work, and a few troubleshooting attempts, we still didn’t have hot water.  So Thursday, I had to go back to work (just washed my hair in cold water under the tub faucet) and a “specialist” came out to investigate our set-up.  He determined we needed a different vent, which had to be ordered and would take a few days.  So, at this point we started bumming showers from friends. I spent the night Thurs night with a friend so I could get a hot shower Fri morning before work.  We showered at another couple’s house Saturday night while we were invited over for a cookout.  And loooooong story short, our contractor and V&W supply were going head to head trying to get the right parts, blaming each other for this and that, leaving us going ANOTHER FULL WEEK without hot water.  Finally, Greg just ordered the supplies himself, got the specialist to walk him through the installation steps and installed it himself Tuesday exactly 2 weeks from when we’d disconnected the old tank.  I have never appreciated hot water so much in my life!!  I was stressed, tired of showering at others’ houses, angry, and very emotional those last few days.  Greg was very patient with me.

So now that we are back on track with the laundry room, we have made some more progress.  Actually, during the first weekend without hot water is when I spent the whole day Saturday painting bathroom trim, and Greg got started installing the floors and worked on more electrical in the laundry room.  Then two weekends ago, Greg and his buddy Aidan got started installing sheetrock.  The room is coming along.  🙂

Here is the tank-less hot water system. It just mounts to the wall and frees up all that floor space below.May11-laundry (5)May11-laundry (9) May11-laundry (8)May11-laundry (14) May11-laundry (15) May11-laundry (13)May11-laundry (3)May19-laundry (3)May19-laundry (1)May19-laundry (9) May19-laundry (4)

The plans for this weekend are to work on plumping for the washing machine and possibly make some more progress on the floors. 🙂


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the Construction Chronicles- Coming to a Close

The last month has been jam-packed, busy, and a bit chaotic.  We literally haven’t touched the bathroom in about 3 weeks.  As far as construction goes, it was completed the last days of April (minus the fact that we have to re-order the correct sink faucet). The last few tasks on the list we decided to complete ourselves to help save a little more money.  We cleaned and sealed all the tile, which took a night’s worth of work, plus 48hrs to cure.  We puttied and painted the baseboards and crown molding.  Greg installed the toilet, which by the way, is probably the best toilet we’ve ever owned!  If you’re in the market for a new toilet, the Kohler Cimarron is the way to go!  Anyways, we did get the plumber to come install the sink and (wrong) faucet.  Then about a week later, I puttied the new door trim, and a few days after that I sanded and painted all the trim. And while I was at it, I went ahead and repainted all the trim down the hallway….  Why not, right?  It needed a fresh new coat!

Apr28-bath (15) Apr28-bath (12)

Apr28-bath (1) Apr28-bath (8)Apr28-bath (10)

May11-bath (1) May11-bath (4) May11-bath (6) May11-bath (7) May11-bath (8) May11-bath (9)

At that point, it was almost ready for me to move back in except for 1 thing.  Remember this big built-in cabinet we took out?Mar7-bathroomsBEFORE (18)We decided not to put in another built-in and instead find a free standing cabinet instead.  I thought it would feel less cramped if you could see wall space above and tile below the cabinet.  So I found this one at IKEA that maximizes the space and has the right look for the new bath.

May11-bath (10)However, we don’t have it yet.  I refuse to pay $60 in shipping cause that’s just ridiculous in my opinion.  But of course a trip to Atlanta just for that didn’t make much sense either.  Well luckily Greg needed to go to Atlanta for work the week of Mother’s day so we decided he could swing by IKEA and bring it home with him.  Perfect.  Until I got home the following Tuesday from work to discover he had come home from Atlanta and TOTALLY FORGOT to go to IKEA.  Super bummer.  So literally for the past 3 weeks I haven’t moved back into the bathroom because we don’t have the cabinet.  Stubborn?  Maybe.  But I’m a penny pincher.  As soon as we get the cabinet (hopefully Greg will need another trip to Atlanta soon), I can get all my stuff moved back in and enjoy the new bath.

In the meantime though, I’ve spent plenty of time decorating the space!  I have bought probably 8 shower curtains at this point, various accessories, towels and brain-storming some ideas for the space.  Here’s a few of those options I contemplated…  (and remember, the sink faucet will be brushed nickel eventually!)

May13-bathcurtains (5) May13-bathcurtains (12)May13-bathcurtains (7) May13-bathcurtains (15)At this point it’s between the first 2- blue paisley or pink birds.  The 3rd option was ombre and I didn’t like how the lighter upper half looked against the gray walls.  And the 4th one was actually ivory and blue, not white…so it just looked dirty against everything else in the room which is crisp white.  I put out a vote on Instagram and blue was heavily favored, but I don’t know if I can turn down the pink flowers and birds.  It’s really a salmon colored pink, which I think is nice.  When I get everything 100% done, cabinet installed, art on the walls, I’ll do a big final reveal.  Until then, you’ll just have to wait and wonder…pink or blue?  😉

So that’s where we stand on the bathroom.  2 months and counting but it’s been worth it!

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No, not our house.  We’re way too deep in remodeling for any of that crazy business.  But there’s lots of stuff inside the house that we need to sell.  We had a big yard sale right after we got married since we had both lived on our own for a while and had lots of duplicate household items when we combined houses.  But now it’s time for another.

So if you live in the Birmingham area and would like to come check it out, let me know!  I can send out private Facebook messages with our address (just to be safe).  But we’re in West Homewood, more specifically (past Patriot Park and the Senior Center).  There will be RED signs in the neighborhood directing where to go!  The sale will be from 9am-noon this Saturday, May 18th!  Here’s a sneak peek at a few things we have for sale….

medicinecabinet (3) medicinecabinet (4) photo1

frametastic1 frametastic2

frametastic3 frametastic1 frametastic2

frametastic5 frametastic4

Reading List

I love blogging.  And I hope you love reading it.  🙂  Even as a child I kept a diary (actually, I had several), and I would write about the day’s events.  I remember writing about holidays, especially Christmas when we would spend our mornings together opening gifts and then head off to my Nana’s house for lunch and family time with my mom’s parents and relatives.  I remember writing about fun days I would spend with my friends growing up, riding our bikes for HOURS all around our neighborhoods.  I wrote about boys.  My first “boyfriend” was this boy named Sean.  And when I say boyfriend, I just remember 1 time our moms drove us to hangout together (after school one day) at the mini-golf arcade that was at the end of my street.  That arcade is long gone now (the Krispie Kreme in Hoover took it’s place many years ago).  I even remember writing about the night our childhood pet, a sweet little Yorkie named Bitsy, got run over by a car…right in front of us.  Yeah, that was a little traumatic.  So the fact that I keep this blog comes as no surprise to me.  I really do enjoy it.  Sometimes I just go back and read through old posts.  I compare my garden from 3 years ago to the one I have today.  Boy, has that’s hobby grown!  I like to look through big events, like celebrating all the weddings amongst our friends last year.  And the best part of writing this blog is that for the past 2 years my sweet hubby and gotten a print version made for me.  So not only do I have an online chronicle of our lives, but I have a copy that I can look through for years to come (cause you never know…maybe one day the internet will be old news).  That’s hard to imagine, right?

I also enjoy reading others’ blogs.  I follow my mother-in-law’s blog (Kendall Boggs Fine Arts and Crafts)…she’s kind-of a big deal 😉  I follow Young House Love for all their DIY and design-savy tricks.  I follow a few others that my friends write, but I want to expand my reading list.  So this is where I need your help!  What are some of your favorite blogs you follow?  I want your recommendations.  They can be family blogs of someone we may know in common, or blogs about home-decor, or DIY.  The sky’s the limit!  If you like reading my blog then we might have some common interests, so tell me what’s on your blogging reading list 🙂  I would love to know!  Ready, set, go!

Giddy with Excitement

Y’all, I am so excited!  I mean, really really excited.  Why, you ask?  Because as of a few days ago, the Boggs family has decided to take a big family trip.  Greg has been saying for years (well, ever since we started getting serious in our relationship), that his family is due for a family vacation.  Yes, we went to the beach last year with everyone, but they haven’t had a full-blown family vacation since before I met Greg (which was 3 years ago).  So I’m so excited for this one!  And guess what…. I’ll get to put another stamp in this little gem 😉 passports

So where are we going??  Is it killing you yet?  I’ll give you a hint.  It’s one of the Boggs’ most favorite vacation destinations… and as of October 2011, it has a special place in my heart as well.  🙂   Have you guessed it yet?  I’ll give you another hint…Oct 13-honeymoon (19b)Oct 13-honeymoon (6b) Oct 13-honeymoon (18b) Oct 10-honeymoon (16)Holy cow, we’re going to the Bahamas!!  I could jump up and down with excitement!!!  It is going to be SO MUCH FUN!  The whole Boggs clan will be there…mom, dad, Jordan, Eric, the kids, Callen and Houston and us!  I was a little worried it wouldn’t work out because I was just certain all the weeks during the summer would have been filled with vacation requests at my work by now, but much to my surprise when I got to work today and checked the calendar, there was still a spot available for the week we’re going!  So I think it’s pretty darn official 🙂  I can’t wait to sit by those crystal blue waters and sip on pina-coladas.

So in celebration of being world travelers this summer, let’s just reminisce a little…Oct 10-honeymoon (2b) Oct 10-honeymoon (11b)Oct 11-honeymoon (136) Oct 11-honeymoon (68) Oct 11-honeymoon (52) Oct 14-honeymoon (150)Oct 10-honeymoon (24)Oct 13-honeymoon (151b)Oct 10-honeymoon (4)Oct 12-honeymoon (20) Oct 12-honeymoon (19) Oct 10-honeymoon (19) Oct 13-honeymoon (99) Oct 13-honeymoon (61) Oct 11-honeymoon (61)Oct 11-honeymoon (7b)

Laundry Room Catch-Up

I realized I haven’t really blogged about the laundry room progress in a while.  I believe the last step I wrote about was Greg’s progress on the floors, which you can read about in my Handyman post.  So at that point we just had an outdoor storage closet with floor joists in place.Apr7-laundryroom (21)That was almost a month ago, and since then we’ve gotten the room wired for electrical, installed a pocket door, done lots of research and decided on installing a tankless water heater, and installed a window!  And besides getting an electrician out to clean up the electrical jungle in there, Greg has done all the work!  My husband has turned into such the handyman.  Seriously. I’m so proud of him!  We are thankful his good friend Aidan has chipped in to help some and given some construction input along the way, but for the most part Greg has taken this job into his own hands and is making it happen.  My hubby is building me a laundry room 🙂

So let’s go back to our progress over the past month.  The electrical box for the whole house is located in this space, and obviously it’s been an open-walled room since it was built, so all the wires are exposed and it was a bit of a jungle.  So we got an electrician to come out and clean it up a bit.  He disconnected any wires that weren’t being used anymore, and hooked us up with 2 additional outlets and a junction box for the washer and dryer.  We used On Time Electric and let me tell you, there were wonderful!!  He knew we were on a budget and the electrician tech was great about talking with Greg about what Greg could handle doing on his own to help save money (like drilling holes in the studs and re-running the wires so that they would actually be behind the walls (when we get ready to put sheetrock up).  I came home that afternoon and the tech had already gotten started with the work (and Greg was back at work at this point), and he was SO NICE about explaining it all to me and showing me what he was doing and what he and Greg had discussed.  I cannot say enough nice things about the work they did!  I highly recommend them for any sort of electrical work!

The next step was getting our pocket door into place.  The pocket door will go between these two built-ins in the dining room (so the laundry room will be off the back of the dining room).  I know, it’s not the MOST IDEAL spot in the house, but it’s the only option we have if I want an actual room, not just a laundry nook off the kitchen (which if you remember is what we have now).  So here’s the room prior to any work being done. This picture was taken a year ago and is how our front room looked prior to a March 22 when it became a construction zone 😉  This is our dining room directly off the kitchen (which is just to the left).Mar 10-framing projects (2)So the botanical prints came down, and we had to rip out that storage bench between the built-ins.  And all of our small tools and any DIY equipment was stored in that bench, so for the past month they have had a new home in the floor of our family room (so much fun).  So while I cooked dinner one night, Greg went to town ripping out that bench.Apr8-laundryroom (5)Apr8-laundryroom (2) Apr8-laundryroom (4)And we were really excited to see that the hardwoods continued under the bench! So all we’ll have to do is get them stained to match.  Whoop whoop!  And then once that space was cleared, it allowed Greg to dive into installing the pocket door.  So Greg and Aidan spent a long Saturday a few weeks ago working hard installing the door while I was at work at the hospital.  (Somehow all the big steps have taken place while I’m at work, so I don’t have many pictures of these steps.)  But basically what they did was take out all the studs along the backside of the wall (on the closet side) where the pocket door needed to go, tear down the sheetrock in the space and installed the pocket door.  So when I came home from work that evening, this is what I saw!Mar4-laundryroom (1)Crazy, right!?  Just wait.  It gets EVEN BETTER.  So I worked yesterday as well, and Greg spent another long Saturday installing a window in our new laundry room.  We originally did not even discuss putting in a window, and the more I thought about it I just didn’t want a tiny dark room that felt like a dungeon.  I desperately wanted a window to bring in as much light as possible into the room.  So we looked at the walls inside and out and discussed our options and looked online for window sizes, and Greg figured out we could make it work.  And so last night when I came home from work, I had another wonderful surprise waiting for me 🙂  Granted it was dark last night, but check it out today…

Mar4-laundryroom (2) Mar4-laundryroom (4)

Look at all that light that streams in!  I LOVE IT!  And the view is pretty nice.  By doing it on this wall there is enough distance between our house and the neighbors behind us that I don’t have to do much as far as window treatments go.  Maybe just something sheer or just a little valence of some sort.Mar4-laundryroom (11)

And since we’ll be getting a tankless hot water heater (which will hopefully get installed Tuesday), this space hog will be outta here.  And on the opposite wall to the left will be our washer and dryer.

Mar4-laundryroom (6) Mar4-laundryroom (10)

Oh and here’s the view from the outside (before and after).  It’s a bit of a mess because Greg just has the plywood up right now.  And the bottom portion will get some sort of crawlspace door put on it since we wanted to leave to floor open beneath to access that space if anyone needed to.  And we had a debate last night about whether we would just put siding up to match the siding around the window (Greg’s thoughts) or try to find some brick to finish out the brick wall (my thoughts).  We will see which option wins out 😉

Mar30-shedcloset (2) Mar4-laundryroom (19)

Whew, that was a long post, but we’re all caught up now.  Now the fun part begins…picking out cabinets and paint colors.  I’m leaning towards a soft teal or robin’s egg blue color.  Something light with white cabinets.  Any thoughts?  Looks like I’ll be creating a new board on Pinterest 😉

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