the Construction Chronicles- So close…

Yet so far!  Ugh.  I cannot even begin to explain the patience we have had to have to endure this bathroom renovation.  It has been baby steps the whole way!!  But finally, all that’s left is just a few quick installations and we are done!  The plumber came Friday to install the shower faucets, sink and toilet.  Although, our contractor has our toilet and sink faucet.  So, basically the plumber just installed the shower faucet.  And assuming our contractor drops off the toilet at our house tomorrow, we will just install it ourselves to save a little money.

The painter also came this week.  We picked some gray tones out at Lowe’s and decided on “Voyage” by Valspar.  But once it was on the walls and dried, it seemed to have a lavender hue to it.  So Thursday evening I went back to Lowe’s and got a quart of “Gravity” by Valspar.  It looks much better.  It blends well with the tiles and keeps the room nice and light.


So although we’re days shy of 1 month in this process, here’s where we are…

Apr20-bath (7) Apr20-bath (8) Apr20-bath (10)Apr20-bath (11)

So fingers are crossed that our toilet and sink faucet show up at our house tomorrow so we can get them installed.  Then just a few more tiny details, like trim, light fixtures installing the medicine cabinet and hopefully this project will be DONE.  I am more than ready!