the Construction Chronicles- Tile work

Our tile guy showed up bright and early at 8am this morning to begin working on tiling the tub surround.  He was at our house last Thursday laying the tile on the floor, which looks great by the way! Apr16-bath (3)But he also started working on the tub surround last Thursday.  Well, I was in Atlanta with my mom at Scott Antiques market so the tile guy was just at the house working on tile while Greg just came and went checking in on him between meetings.  Well I get a phone call from our contractor and he said the tiles seem to be pretty extreme in their coloring, and he and the tile guy decided it might be best to stop installing tile until we could take a look at them all that night.  We had chosen a natural stone marble tile from Lowes, so the tiles were white with gray veining.  Well apparently, some boxes have mostly white tiles and some have mostly gray tiles, or a mixture of the 2.  I got this picture message sent to my phone from the tile guy and I immediately was grateful they decided to stop!  As you can tell, there were extremes of dark gray and white tiles.Apr11-tileSo over the course of Thursday night and Monday morning (when we got more tiles), I pulled every single tile out of the boxes and laid them all out on the ground and tried pulling out some of the extreme gray ones.  The hard part though was if we wanted to stick with mostly all white tiles, we would have had to order tiles from all over the state of Alabama, I’m sure.  We had already bought out the Homewood, Hoover, and Leed’s Lowes supply and our contractor drove to Gadsden for the remaining 25 boxes or so that we needed.  So I decided to try to use some of the gray ones and just blend them in better (although we did still pull out a decent amount of really dark gray ones).  Here’s how they all looked laying out on our floor.

Apr11-tile (2)So then today, the tile guy returned and starting working on the surround again.  It’s definitely darker tone than we thought we would have, but like I said, I don’t think we could have gotten enough tiles to only use white ones.  And we only have 1 single light bulb shining in the bathroom right now, so I’m also hoping when the other light fixture gets reinstalled, it will help brighten up the whole room.  (Can you tell I’m trying to convince myself that I love it?).  I do like it, don’t get me wrong.  It’s a MUCH better improvement from what we had in there.  I really shouldn’t complain.  Hopefully when everything else get’s finished it’ll grow on me.

So here we are….  floor and wall tiles are in place!  They will come do the grout tomorrow.Apr16-bath (1) Apr16-bath (2) Apr16-bath (4) Apr16-bath (5)

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  1. It looks great, when finished and everything all put together you’ll LOVE your new bathroom!

  2. Wow, looks very nice, so far! Is that your existing tub or a new one? We are getting ready to do the same to our bath and can’t decide what to do about our tub.

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