Spring is here!

It’s official. Spring is here. You can tell by the layer of yellow dusted over everything in sight.  Pollen is in the air, on the ground, covering my car, and making such a mess.  I’m grateful I don’t have allergies to pollen, cause I can’t imagine how miserable that must feel this time of year.  But I’m glad for the changing seasons.  There’s not much I like about winter.  I’m not a fan of the cold or the dreary deadness of winter.  I love flowers and green leafy trees.  I like being outside with the warm sun on my shoulders.  Now, also with the loveliness of spring comes something dreaded.  WEEDS!  Just as the grass grows taller and greener, so do those pesky weeds.  Well, since you can’t ignore them or they’ll only get worse, I decided to tackle them yesterday.  Greg (with the help of some buddies) got to working on the laundry room renovations, and I went to work in the yard.  Here’s a glimpse of what I was up against…

Apr6-Weeding (1) Apr6-Weeding (15) Apr6-Weeding (16) Apr6-Weeding (17)Apr6-Weeding (3) Apr6-Weeding (29)

Although it may look pretty with those lavender and yellow blooms, our yard is covered in weeds!!  Part of the problem is our lawn mower doesn’t have a bag on it. So every time Greg cuts the grass, the weeds don’t get picked up.  They just get cut into little pieces and spread across the yard.  The other problem is we haven’t ever done a good round of weed killer in the yard.  So yesterday, not only did I pull up a bunch of weeds (mainly all in the garden area, and in the pine straw area by the porch), but I bought some Scott’s Turf Builder with weed control.  I walked with a spreader all around the back yard, and hopefully it will start killing off all those weeds and help the grass grow better.  After a few hours of weeding and spreading and tidying up in the garden, the yard looks a little bit better.  It’ll look a whole lot better when all those weeds die, but that’ll take some time. Apr6-Weeding (2) Apr6-Weeding (13) Apr6-Weeding (23)

My battle wounds 🙁Apr6-Weeding (12)The strawberries have spread their runners into the pebbles.  I’ll have to transplant those at some point.  (They’re kinda hard to see, the pear tree casts a bunch of shadows).Apr6-Weeding (7) Apr6-Weeding (8)Lily was a lot of help, as usual 😉Apr6-Weeding (14)The grape vines are starting to bloom!  I really have no idea how the success of these will turn out. I’ve never grown grapes before. But they bear fruit on the previous years’ growth, so I’m hoping for at least a grape or two! 🙂Apr6-Weeding (27)And the pear tree is looking good. We trimmed it up this year (last year we just let it grow wild).  So we’re hoping for bigger fruit this year.  Apr6-Weeding (28)And I can’t wait for these beauties to bloom by the mailbox.  Tulips are my favorite 🙂Apr7-tulips