Greg was quite the handyman today.  So along with our bathroom renovations, which are by the way…taking FOR-FREAKIN-EVER, we have started renovations turning an outdoor storage closet into a laundry room. You can read details on those plans here.  So we already cleared the shelves out last weekend.  Then yesterday Greg got to work removing the walls.  So in two weekends we went from this…Mar30-shedcloset (8)to this…

Apr6-laundryroom (9)Apr6-laundryroom (1) Apr6-laundryroom (3)Apr6-laundryroom (8)

Luckily two buddies stopped by to lend a hand.  The three of them were knocking out those black walls and taking out the remainder of shelves and bench.  And then they hauled it off.  That’s what they were doing while I was tackling weeds!

Then today after church, Greg was back to work.  The next step was building up the floor.  Right now the “floor” is level with the ground outside.  But to function as a laundry room off the dining room we have to raise it level with the house.  Which, luckily there are cinder blocks that are already in place to support a floor (because the wall shared with the dining room is already set-up this way).

Apr6-laundryroom (2)

So Greg setup shop, and began building the framework for the floor.  We got all our measurements and Greg went to Lowe’s to get the appropriate lumber.  We needed boards to frame out the perimeter, and then boards to make the joists.  He also got brackets to support  the floorboards.Apr7-laundryroom (2)

Apr7-laundryroom (1) Apr7-laundryroom (5)

Then we had to determine the spacing needed for the floor joists.  We decided to place the 12 inches apart, center to center of each board.  (Now that I’m looking info up on the computer, I find that you can space them up to 16 inches apart).  Oh well, we have more support, I suppose 😉  The boards themselves are 2×8.  We brought the frame board out to the work station and Greg screwed in the brackets at the appropriate spacing.Apr7-laundryroom (6)

Apr7-laundryroom (7) Apr7-laundryroom (9)Next we took this board back into the storage closet, put it in place on the cinder block frame, and then we had to line up brackets on the opposite wall.  Apr7-laundryroom (16)Apr7-laundryroom (11)Apr7-laundryroom (10)

Once the brackets were in place, Greg cut the floor boards to size and we set them into place.  A quick “stress test” as Greg called it, and the floor seems sturdy!Apr7-laundryroom (18)Apr7-laundryroom (21)Apr7-laundryroom (20)Before we continue with the rest of the floor, we have to get a plumber and electrician in to do some work.  The water heater will have to be removed, then the remaining floor can be installed, and then the water heater will be raised and put back into the room on the new floor.  So, depending on how smoothly and quickly those steps go, we will be without hot water for a day (or more!).  Not looking forward to that part.  But I’m excited about progress!!

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  1. Well he did get some tips and info from two of his buddies that have experience in construction, but besides that he just figured it out somehow. Crazy, right?!

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