the Construction Chronicles-Hit a Wall

Day 2 of construction actually started bright and early.  The framing guys arrived at the house to finish putting up sheetrock at 8:30am.  They worked for a good 4 hours, got all the sheetrock up and muddied (is that the right term?).  They were even able to patch up our little demo blunder in the hallway…Mar23-bathdemo (20)Mar26-bathday2 (7)Don’t worry. We need to repaint the hallway anyways.  So at the end of day 2, we had all our walls sealed in the bathroom.

Mar26-bathday2 (1) Mar26-bathday2 (4) Mar26-bathday2 (5) Mar26-bathday2 (3)Mar26-bathday2 (6)

Then unfortunately, due to issues I don’t even want to get into, all work was halted for the remainder of the week.  I’m putting my faith in the contractor (and my husband, who has had to calm me down from a meltdown or two this weekend) and hoping this upcoming week gets better in regards to time spent working on our job, communication with the contractor, and an inspection coming up.  Greg assures me it will all work out and says I need to be patient.  And I consider myself a patient person, but it’s been a rough week dealing with the lack of commitment I feel we’ve been getting with our renovations.  And I’ll just stop at that.

The good news is our sink and floor tiles were delivered during the week.  All we really have left to decide on is paint color.  So I’ll be hitting up Pinterest again over the next few days trying to see what colors catch my eye.  We’re thinking a smokey gray color, but haven’t nailed that down just yet.Mar29-floortileSo here’s to hoping for the best this week!