Shelving Shuffle

We came up with plans to transform our outdoor storage closet into a laundry room about 2 months ago.  It’s hard to explain the vision if you’ve never been to our house, but let me try my best.  We have this outdoor closet that you enter from the back of our house.

Mar30-shedcloset (2)Mar30-shedcloset (1)

We honestly never even used it until a few months ago, because it was SO gross and it just screamed “land of bugs and spiders!”  So neither Greg or I ever wanted to step foot in it.  Well a few months ago Greg got up the guts to do some major cleaning out and cleaning up in there, and it suddenly became very useful.  We moved a lot of the smaller tools and things from our big shed into the space because it was filled with shelves, and our shed was not.  All of my canning supplies were moved in there (and out of our current laundry space…which is far from spacious!)  So it was nice for a few months having this new organized system.  But we’ve been itching to get it converted into a laundry room!

Ok, so back to how we envision it as a laundry room.  Don’t worry, I won’t be going outside to do laundry.  When you look directly into the storage closet you face a wall full of shelves.Mar30-shedcloset (8)Stay with me here.  Directly on the other side of that wall is the back of our dining room wall.  So if you punch a hole through that wall between the shelves of the storage closet, you will punch right through the wall where my botanical prints hang.Mar 10-framing projects (4)Our plan is to build up the floor of the storage closet level with the rest of the house, sheetrock the walls of the closet, knock out the wall between the bookshelves of the dining room (to create a doorway), and make this space into an actual laundry room.  Because right now we just have a laundry nook between our kitchen and den.  It’s not ideal.  And although having a laundry room off the dining room isn’t exactly ideal either, it’s at least a separate room, which means I don’t have to hang clothes in the family room doorway to dry.

So Greg came home from a Samford baseball game Saturday afternoon, changed into working clothes and headed outside. I asked him what he was doing and he said, “I’m getting started on the laundry room!”  haha.  He said he was going to clear out the closet so we could begin working on it.  We couldn’t just bring all the stuff into the house, and we didn’t have a good system in the big shed besides throwing everything onto the floor.  So we decided to remove the shelves from the storage closet and reinstall them in the shed.  And what a great idea that was!  It makes such a huge difference in the functionality of the shed!

First we had to clear off the shelves.  Then Greg started unscrewing them from the walls.

Mar30-shedcloset (4) Mar30-shedcloset (5) Mar30-shedcloset (14)

We decided to put the shelves on this wall of the shed.  The opposite wall has the spare freezer on it, so this whole side was open for business.  We debated on how we would place the shelves for a minute, then decided it would be best to stagger the shelves so that taller stuff could go on the ends and shorter items towards the middle.  If we lined up all three shelves with one another we’d be limiting what we could store on them.  And none of the shelves were wide enough to span the whole length of the wall anyways.Mar30-shedcloset (11)Once we removed each shelf from the closet, we brought it into the shed, held it up to the wall, and had to mark the placement of the studs (since the brackets didn’t line up in the new space).Mar30-shedcloset (23)Mar30-shedcloset (15) Mar30-shedcloset (17)

Then Greg drilled the brackets into their appropriate spots.  Once the brackets were in place, we held the shelf up to the wall and Greg drilled it into place.  We checked that we were level before securing all the brackets in case we needed to make adjustments.  And we measured that each shelf was the same distance apart from another so that everything looked clean and professional 😉Mar30-shedcloset (21)Mar30-shedcloset (20) Mar30-shedcloset (19) Mar30-shedcloset (16)

We did this for 3 shelves and in the end it looks great!  It makes such a huge difference getting all that small stuff up off the floor of the shed.Mar30-shedcloset (22)


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