the Construction Chronicles- A Slow Start

So I was told construction workers would be here around 8am Monday morning to begin working on our bathroom.  Anyone who knows me know I am not an early bird. But I didn’t want to have to answer the door in my PJs, so I got up when Greg got up, showered and was dressed and ready for them to arrive by 8:10.  Since I was gonna be stuck at home most of the day, I got started on some laundry.  Around 8:30 I got a call from the contractor saying he was waiting on his framing guys and they’d be here between 9-9:30.  At 10am they finally showed up.

They came in, looked at the floors and decided what they needed to do.  The contractor was going to go get supplies while they (the framing guys) went and checked on another job.  He told me they all would be back in about an hour and a half (so, 1130/12ish).  Well, also this morning before they arrived the garbage men came and rang the doorbell and said if we moved all our cans of trash, and old bathtub full of crap (tile, plywood, old sheetrock, etc) to the street they would come back and get it.  Great!  That meant we didn’t have to lug it to the landfill ourselves!  So before the contractor left, he moved the entire pile to the street (thank goodness!).  Tub and all! I don’t know how he did it.  So that of course took some time, and I figured it might be a little later than he originally told me.  At this point he left to do his business and I left to go to Home Depot to buy a shower/tub faucet combo.

Greg called me at noon and said the pest guy was on his way.  We have a history of rats in the attic (Greg dealt with the worst of them years ago when he first bought the house, but recently we starting hearing critters in the attic again!).  So we weren’t taking our chances.   A pest guy from Waynes came out and quoted us on a full house pest care plan.  First they will deal with the critters in the attic (I guess by tossing some poison into the attic and making sure all entry points are sealed up).  Then, they will spray the interior and exterior of the house with a pest killer.  They also do a lawn treatment that will kill any termites, fleas, ticks, fire ants and whatever other bad bugs in a 10ft perimeter around the home (that will be great for our dogs too! No fleas and ticks here!).  Then monthly they come out and do various treatments depending on the season…they’ll treat for various bugs according to when they flourish the most.  Obviously it’s about to warm up (at least I hope!!), so we’ll probably start seeing roaches soon.  Boy, do I hate those guys!  We also have an occasional ant problem in one of our kitchen corners.  We’ve just been buying ant killer at Lowe’s and applying that every few months or so, but that wears out and they reappear after a while.  So his treatments should take care of them as well.  So hopefully, for $32/month our house will be totally critter and bug free!  YAY!  At first, $32/month sounded expensive, but it comes out to $385/year.  That’s like 1.5 days of work for me, so I think I can handle working an extra day once a year to not have any bugs in the house 🙂  Yep, I’ll take it!  And the great news is anytime another customer uses us as their referral we get $25 applied to our services!  SO LISTEN UP…if you need pest control or lawn care for your home, CALL WAYNES!  🙂  And tell them Greg and Amy Boggs sent ya!!  I mean that’s a pretty good deal.

Ok, back to the construction work…or lack thereof, I should say.  The pest guy left around 1pm, and guess what.  Still no workers at the house working on our bathroom.  Oh wait, I take that back.  The framing guys did show up around 1:15 I think, but they asked me where the contractor was (he was supposed to be back with their supplies).  I told them I hadn’t heard anything from him, so they went and sat in their cars to give him a call.  About 20 mins went by and then I noticed their truck was still here, but they weren’t in it.  (Apparently they had 2 cars with them and had left in the other). Then the next time I looked out the window, both cars were gone!  So, around 2:30, I called the contractor and said his framing guys had left.  He said he was loading up at Lowe’s and would be at the house shortly.  FINALLY, around 3:15 he and the framing guys showed up and began working on the bathroom.  Talk about a slow start.  So glad I got up by 8am :/

The first thing they had to do was fix some old rotten floor joists. Remember this bad corner here?Mar23-bathdemo (24)

We had some water damage under one corner of the tub, so he cut out some of the bad boards, and replaced them with new ones.  Then he nailed new sister boards next to the some older ones for added support.  The original boards actually run the whole length of the house. So we couldn’t just take them out and replace them….they just had to be supported with new beams lining up next to them.  I wish I had gotten more pics of the process, but I was trying to stay out of their way, and then the next thing I knew, they had the floor laid down.  So I snapped this picture real quick to show how the sister boards line up with the original joists…

Mar24-bathday1 (2) Mar24-bathday1 (4)The beams run the whole length of the tub side of the bathroom (where most of the damage was).  And then they rest on a new support beam that runs perpendicular to them at the entrance of the room.  It’s hard to explain, which is why I wish I’d gotten better pics before they laid the plywood down.  My bad.  They were making so much noise getting these installed, I decided I better stay out of their way.  It sounded like they were gonna come through the walls into the back den at some point!

Next they filled the room with insulation, which it had none of before! Can you believe there wasn’t a lick of insulation in these walls?  No wonder I always cranked up the heat in the winter when I took a shower…it was cold in that bathroom!  After insulation, the sheetrock went up on the ceiling and all the walls (I couldn’t get an official final pic cause they took the light fixture down when they put the walls up).  But that is where day one finished.  Oh, wait, they also partially installed a new vent fan.  A much much quieter one 🙂

Mar24-bathday1 (5) Mar24-bathday1 (6)