Demo Day 2

We continued onto demo day 2, but thankfully it’s finally all done.  Again, Dwayne worked his tail off. Me and mom tried to help as much as possible, but demo isn’t exactly our specialty. Greg helped a lot too though, and we actually could have gotten the whole job done in a matter of a few hours, but we waited around for about 3 1/2 hours for the contractor to come by and give the ok on a few things.

But anyways, let’s look back at the destruction we created today!  Mom and Dwayne arrived bright and early (well, 9am-ish).  I rolled outta bed, threw on some work clothes and we got to it.  Dwayne let me take a shot at the rotary hammer.  That thing is hard.  It was a huge help in the demo process, breaking up all the tiles and concrete slab under the floor, but I had a hard time with it.

Mar23-bathdemo (4) Mar23-bathdemo (1)

I can’t believe they worked with that thing all day yesterday.  Once we Dwayne and Greg got the rest of the tile broken up (and me and mom walked and dumped bucket after bucket after bucket into the growing pile in the front yard), it was time to get the storage cabinet out.  And it was big.  We hoped it would fit out the bathroom and down the hall, but that wasn’t the case. We had to break it apart and take it out board by board.

Mar23-bathdemo (5) Mar23-bathdemo (6)Mar23-bathdemo (9) Mar23-bathdemo (11)Mar23-bathdemo (10) Mar23-bathdemo (12) Mar23-bathdemo (14)Remember the tub?  And how apparently it was blue at one time?  Well it appears there must have been a lovely blue floor to match as well.  Cute huh?  Oh, and instead of ripping that layer up whenever previous homeowners remodeled the bathroom, they just decided to add the current layer right on top.  Which meant that floor was THICK with tile and concrete!Mar23-bathdemo (7)Mar22-bathdemo (51)

The next 45 mins or so were spent ripping out more floor and walls…

Mar23-bathdemo (16) Mar23-bathdemo (17) Mar23-bathdemo (22) Mar23-bathdemo (28)

Then we discovered a problem.  This corner (underneath where the tub once stood), had some pretty bad water damage.  And the further we investigated, would could see that it was an active leak.  The wood was wet!  Well, obviously I hadn’t showered in this bathroom in over 24 hours, but it was still leaking from somewhere.  The more we poked around we realized it must be coming from the fridge (which sits just on the other side of the wall).  Sure enough, when we pulled the fridge out from the wall and pulled up the water line, there was a hole in the line!  A tiny stream of water was just streamlining out the line like a garden hose with a puncture hole.  There’s no telling how long that had been leaking!  Thank goodness we did this bath demo and discovered the leak, or the floor boards under the tub would have SURELY rotted right out from underneath!

Mar23-bathdemo (24) Mar23-bathdemo (32)So Greg went to Lowe’s, bought a new water line (and he chose a stainless steel flexible line), and then had to crawl up under the house through our giant hole in the floor to replace the line.  Hopefully this is a better fix.Mar23-bathdemo (45)The last and final step of the day was ripping out the ceiling.  Well, after we piddled around for about 2-3 hours waiting on the contractor to stop by and check things out.  I’m learning I have to have a lot of patience with this guy.  Hopefully he’s worth it in the end.  Props to Dwayne again for standing on rickety ladders, prying sheet rock off the ceiling, and knocking out insulation.  It was a messy job!

Mar23-bathdemo (37)Mar23-bathdemo (38) Mar23-bathdemo (33)Mar23-bathdemo (34)Mar23-bathdemo (39)Mar23-bathdemo (44)And at the end of the day, here’s what we have.  We are officially demolished and ready for construction to begin on Monday!

Mar23-bathdemo (40) Mar23-bathdemo (43)Mar23-bathdemo (41)

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