Bringing Down the Bath

UPDATE! Got a few more pictures from my mom this morning that she captured on her phone early in the demo process yesterday!

Demo has begun.  Boy, oh, boy has demo begun!  Have I mentioned how AMAZING my stepdad is?  Oh dear Lord, that man is a machine!  I had to work today, and Greg had to get some work done as well.  But my mom said she and Dwayne would head over to our house and get started on demo in the bathroom.  Well, not only did they get started, they practically finished it all!!

There was a plumber that was supposed to come disconnect the plumbing lines to make sure we didn’t bust through any pipes during demo.  Well, Dwayne basically took care of that, and we were able to tell the plumber he was no longer needed. (Money saved!)  And speaking of money saved.  We were quoted $600 for demo and haul-away.  That included putting a dumpster in our driveway and the costs to haul it off.  Granted, poor Dwayne probably deserves $600 for the work he did today, but we are saving big bucks by doing the demo ourselves and hauling our trash to a city landfill (which I was quoted would costs $60).

Thankfully Greg was able to take a long lunch break and then another break later in the afternoon to come home and help with the demo.  And mom helped as well, especially since she took all the pictures for me!! 😉

So I kept getting pictures texted to my phone while I was working away at the hospital today.  I felt so bad not being home to help.  But I’m sure they’ll put me to work tomorrow!  We still have the ceiling which has to come down, and the rest of the floor needs ripping out.  So, there’s not much to explain, except that a rotary hammer apparently is a life saver!!  If you’re ripping out tile, get you one of these!  Thanks to our friends (and sorta in-laws) Kyle and Lisa for letting us borrow theirs!  And I say sorta in-laws because Kyle is Chuck’s older brother, and Chuck is my sister’s husband.  So, that kinda makes them our indirect in-laws, right?  Sure.

So without further ado, check out what went down at the Boggs’ home today…

Mar22-bathdemo (1) Mar22-bathdemo (2) Mar22-bathdemo (3) Mar22-bathdemo (6) Mar22-bathdemo (7) Mar22-bathdemo (10) Mar22-bathdemo (12) Mar22-bathdemo (15)bath (2)bath (1) bath (6) bath (7)bath (10)

It’s hard to believe I just took a shower in here this morning!bath (13) bath (17) bath (18) bath (20)bath (22) bath (23) bath (25) bath (28) bath (29) bath (33)

Time to get that tub out! I don’t know how they did this.  Seriously, for weeks I’ve been wondering how this was gonna happen.  But Greg and Dwayne did it somehow.  And I haven’t found any holes in the walls since coming home 😉bath (35) bath (37) bath (34)bath (38) bath (40) bath (42)bath (41)bath (36)

And somehow this guy was spared another day!  Enjoy one more night little fishy…tomorrow, I’m coming for you! 😉

bath (47)

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  1. WOW! what fun! I was wondering if you guys got to that fish yet! You and Greg have got to be the luckies two people with your mom and Dwayne. Really Ames. I am jealous I could not be there to help. I will on what ever design job you need though!!!
    It’s lookin great kiddo!

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