Lake Day with the Pups

Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL day here in Alabama. It was warm and sunny, and a great day for a trip to the lake.  Greg was out of town at a work conference Friday and Saturday.  My mom and Dwayne were heading down to their lake property so Dwayne could do some yard work.  So knowing I was home alone, they asked me if I wanted to bring the dogs down for a day at the lake, and I jumped on the opportunity of a fun day 🙂Mar17-lake (1) Mar17-lake (59) Mar17-lake (60)My grandaddy and his buddies built this lake ohhhh, maybe 50 yrs ago. Does that sound right, mom?  So we’ve had property on it ever since.  It’s very secluded. There aren’t any houses directly on the lake, and you’re not allowed to run a large boat motor on the lake…just a simple trolling motor for fishing.  It’s a lake made for the simple life.  And it’s PERFECT for a bunch of dogs to run around having the time of their life. Mar17-lake (38)Mar17-lake (22)Mar17-lake (24) Mar17-lake (37)Mar17-lake (17)Mar17-lake (16)  Mar17-lake (13) Mar17-lake (12)

Jack literally played fetch…either with the ball or frisbee, in the water and on land…for basically 3 straight hours.  And Lily just chased him pretty much the whole time. Dwayne was chopping down trees along the bank of the dam, so me and mom (and the dogs) wandered all around on top of the dam and around the slew.Mar17-lake (6)Mar17-lake (58) Mar17-lake (14)Mar17-lake (15)Mar17-lake (44) Mar17-lake (42)Mar17-lake (51) Mar17-lake (57)After I got home I realized I got some MAJOR sunburn on my arms, neck and chest.  And looking back at this picture now you can see it starting!  Oh well. First burn of the season. It always happens. Mar17-lake (45)Mar17-lake (46)Finally at the end of the day, all the dogs started to relax.  Jack was whooped!! I’ve seriously never seen him so tired.  He was like a zombie when we got home. Greg couldn’t believe it.  It was a goooood day for the dogs 😉  And the humans too.  I enjoyed hanging out with mom and Dwayne for the day!

Mar17-lake (55) Mar17-lake (53) Mar17-lake (56) Mar17-lake (54)

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