Let there be light!

We have a shed in the backyard that we bought shortly after getting married for added storage.  We keep all the holiday decorations, suitcases, wheel barrow, lawn mower, and any other extra stuff that simply won’t fit in the house in the shed.  When we helped move Greg’s parents out of their house, they gave us their upright deep freezer.  I’ve been wanting one, but we don’t have a basement, and our porch space is too small to store one.  So we put it in the shed.  Problem was we’ve never had power running to the shed.  Until now.

My handy dandy stepdad came over on Sunday and he along with Greg and our friend Michael went to work.  I had to work that day, but thankfully my mom snapped some pictures of the process.  Our breaker box is in an outdoor storage closet off the back of the house.  They obviously didn’t connect the new power line to the box until the last step, but for the sake of explaining the process, the power line began at the box, ran into the crawlspace under the house, and came out another corner closer to the shed.Mar10-shedlight (17)A trench was dug about 6-8 inches deep leading from the back corner of the house to the shed.  The power line was fed through a small PVC pipe and placed in the trench.  A hole was drilled in the floor of the shed and the power line ran out the end of the pipe under the shed and up through the hole in the floor. Mar10-shedlight (1)Mar10-shedlight (2)Mar10-shedlight (3)Mar10-shedlight (4)

They installed a junction box and outlet on one wall (which will solely run the deep freezer).  Another outlet was installed on the back wall, and a light switch by the door.  They drilled holes through the framing around the inside of the shed to run the power line to each unit.Mar10-shedlight (10) Mar10-shedlight (11) Mar10-shedlight (12)Mar10-shedlight (8)

Once the power lines were hooked up to the outlets and light switch, Greg and Michael installed the light to the back wall.Mar10-shedlight (15)Mar10-shedlight (16)Mar10-shedlight (14)Once everything was installed and connected, it was time to connect the power at the breaker box.  And tada….there was light!Mar10-shedlight (18)Mar10-shedlight (19)Great job guys!!  Lots of hard work, but it all looks and works great!  Can’t wait to put that deep freezer to good use, and it’s nice to have some light out there after the sun goes down 😉