There’s an App for THAT?

We’ve been in a kick lately to update the house.  Obviously, the biggest update will be getting the bathrooms redone.  But today Greg was at Lowe’s and he picked up this handy-dandy gadget.

Mar9-thermastat (16)It was on sale (regular $100, marked down to $80), so in efforts to continue updating the house, Greg snagged it.  And I have to admit, it’s pretty stinkin’ cool.  It’s programmable, and there is an app you can download to your phone that will control the settings.  Say what?  Yes, we can control the heat/air settings from our phones!  So if we leave town and forget to turn down the settings, we can do it from our phone.  If I’m laying in bed at night and need a little more heat on a cold winter night, I can turn it up from the bed.  Ok, that sounds really lazy….but the going out of town thing is definitely helpful!

So here’s our old unit.  Nothing special.  Pretty blah.  It said it was programmable, but since it’s pretty old, and we don’t have any original manuals, we never could figure it out.

Mar9-thermastat (2) Mar9-thermastat (3)

So Greg cut the power to the unit (safety first!), popped the front off and unscrewed the base from the wall.

Mar9-thermastat (5) Mar9-thermastat (6)Then basically you just disconnect the wires and match them up by color onto the new unit and screw the new base back onto the wall.  And the front just snapped onto the base.

Mar9-thermastat (7)Mar9-thermastat (8)Look how pretty! 🙂  And it lights up!

Mar9-thermastat (17)Ok, so here’s the cool part.  It came with a sensor that you plug into the internet router.  Then you download the app for the system.  It gives you a long code that you register with and you sync it up so it controls the right unit.  Then you can control every aspect of the unit right from your phone.  Greg set the time, switched from heat to cool, and changed the temp settings.  And you can fully program it to whatever schedule you want.

Mar9-thermastat (15)How cool is that!  And it certainly looks better on the wall.  Yay for another DIY upgrade!

Mar9-thermastat (13)

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