the INSPIRATION- bathroom edition

Now that you have seen what we’re working with, let’s move onto more fun topics- like where we hope to be at the end of this renovation journey.  Let me show you my inspiration!

But wait, first there are some stipulations.  I have to keep myself from going overboard with what I really really want, and stick with some basic upgrades that I know will add value for re-sale.  Because in the end, we don’t plan to stay in this house forever.  So it doesn’t make any sense to design and put a lot of money into making this our “forever home”  with all the fun character I hope to have in a home one day.  But luckily, a lot of things I do really like and do hope to have in our family home one day, are things that are popular and other people really like right now too.  Secondly, we live in an older home. The city of Homewood has been around for a bit.  I know my house I bought on Raleigh Avenue was built in the 1950s (if I remember correctly).  And I know this home (which Greg bought about 5 years ago), isn’t quite that old, but it’s certainly not new, chic and modern.  So it doesn’t make sense to put a bunch of sleek, super modern elements into our new bathrooms, because they would just stick out like sore thumbs from the rest of the house.  So I have to gently introduce our new babies in hopes they mix and mingle well with their elderly counterparts 🙂

I don’t know the proper name for the style I like.  It’s a mix of Pottery Barn, flea market, antique shop, cottage-rustic look.  Not too country cottage, although Greg has called my style “grandma” at times.  I can appreciate some modern things, but I love wooden accents, whites, florals, grays, antiques…you get the idea.  So one of the first things going into our bathrooms are subway tiles.  I’m in love with them right now, and thankfully, so are a lot of other people (and hopefully our future home-buyers!). haha.  For our particular rooms, I think we’ll stick with white, but I do love colored glass subways tiles, especially for kitchens!glasssubway glasssubway2 glasssubway3And while we’re talking tile, let’s move to the floor.  Our contractor suggested mixing patterns, so if subway tiles are going in the shower, he suggested a herringbone pattern for the floor.  But I think I’ve decided on hexagon tiles instead.  Again, it hints towards retro but I think a cool white and gray tone will keep it modern at the same time.

flood2 floor1Today in Lowe’s I found this combination of options.  Looking good!floor3Moving on…sink and toilet.  We currently have a vanity sink.  Which is great seeing as how storage is kinda limited in our house.  But honestly, we only keep a plunger and a few bottles of bathroom cleaners in the vanity storage.  So I think we could nix the vanity, use a pedestal sink instead and as a result, open up the floor making the room feel bigger.  And in this tiny bath, bigger really IS better 🙂 sink1

And as for paint job, well I haven’t really dug deep into that category yet.  I really like light blue and green hues in bathrooms.  And we have some pretty sage green bath towels I picked out and we received as wedding gifts.  So I may try to match those.  If not, I’ll probably stay neutral and play with color using a rug and towels, which I can always change out….ya know, for holidays 😉  Of course. bathpaint bathpaint2 bathpaint3

I’m totally loving that floral yellow shower curtain!  haha, Greg would totally call that grandma!  It’s so cheerful though 🙂

And as for Greg’s bathroom, we may or may not do similar elements.  All the fixtures in there are a rubbed bronze color (more manly, ya know).  He talked about doing some sort of stone in the shower, but budget will determine if that’s possible or not.  I certainly don’t want to do anything too dark.  There’s no windows in our bathrooms, so dark walls will definitely make it feel cave-like.  I’m really at a loss right now for his bathroom, but maybe something like this would work…


2 thoughts on “the INSPIRATION- bathroom edition

  1. Love all of your choices. I think the style you’re thinking of is Country Modern. About the vanity. Aren’t you going to put a plug in the bathroom? If so, you will need storage for hair accessories. I would think twice about not putting a cabinet in there. Unless you already have some storage. Just don’t want you to regret not having one Loving all of your pics!!!.

    • There is a corner storage cabinet that holds my hair brushes, extra toiletries, towels, etc. So I could store my hair dryer and curling irons in there.

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