the BEFORE- bathroom edition

For months (actually 2 years, really) Greg and I have been discussing renovating the bathrooms in our house.  We’ve known they both need updating in order to sell the house (which isn’t anytime soon, but one day).  Well we’re finally getting there.  We got 2 estimates from some contractors, picked one, and now we are ready to pull the trigger.  And the first thing to go is this loud and playful fella… Mar7-bathroomsBEFORE (10)

Sorry dude, but ya gotta GO! We actually did some updates to Greg’s bathroom (off the master bedroom) before we got married.  He ripped down wall paper, repainted, and installed new toilet, sink, medicine cabinet and fixtures.  So it certainly looks better than before, but now we’re really gonna spruce it up!  You can read about that project HERE and HERE.

So let’s take a tour of the bathrooms in their current state, cause you won’t be able to truly appreciate our transformations without a look at some before shots.  We’ll take it slow…here’s the semi-updated “master” bath (and yes, I dare call it a master bath, only because it’s privately tucked away off the master bedroom).  Believe me, there’s nothing “master” about it…

First of all, it’s tiny…which you can tell simply from the fact that it’s almost impossible to get good pictures of the room cause you can hardly move around much!  The floor space is literally 4 1/2 ft x 5 ft!

bedroom,bath,guest (11)bedroom,bath,guest (20)Then we have this lovely, cracked tile with stained grout. I know, it’s gross, and I can’t believe I’m showing it off like this.  :/

Mar7-bathroomsBEFORE (1)And around the tub/shower the sheet rock is pulling loose.  The plan is to turn Greg’s tub/shower into a standing shower.  We figured we’d keep the bathtub in the hall bath, and eliminate the one in the “master” bath.  So depending on how budget goes, we’ll either get some sliding doors or a frameless door unit.

Mar7-bathroomsBEFORE (4) Mar7-bathroomsBEFORE (6) Mar7-bathroomsBEFORE (7)So for the master bath overhaul we’ll get new drywall, tile, toilet, shower unit and a fresh coat of paint.  We are hoping to save the sink, medicine cabinet and light fixture (which were all bought new on the previous DIY reno).

Then we have my bathroom (aka the hall bath).  That’s right. Have you figured out yet that we don’t share bathrooms?  They are simply too small, and the master bath literally has ZERO storage.  So, I use the hall bath.  Let’s take a walk…  (sorry for the yellowy pic, I forgot to white-balance initially!)

Mar7-bathroomsBEFORE (8) Mar7-bathroomsBEFORE (9)Mar7-bathroomsBEFORE (29)Initially it doesn’t look too bad (the light fixture and medicine cabinet are only a year old).  But the vanity is a little old, worn, and has some weird column-like woodwork.  And it is actually rotting some at the bottom (we’ll have to figure out that cause). Mar7-bathroomsBEFORE (13)Mar7-bathroomsBEFORE (12)The one good thing about this bathroom is it actually has storage!  It’s not a ton.  I actually have to store spare towels and all our bed linens in my closet.  But it’s better than nothing!Mar7-bathroomsBEFORE (18)And we’ve already met this guy.  Someone please tell me when having a fish mosaic in the hall bath floor was cool.  An upstairs kids’ bath?  Maybe.  But your one and only guest bath of the house. I don’t think so.  I usually keep a rug over it, and now that I look at it more, I realize it’s not even centered!!  Come on, people.Mar7-bathroomsBEFORE (10)We even have matching friends on the storage cabinet doors. Mar7-bathroomsBEFORE (23)The next problem is the tub situation.  First of all, we are totally losing our outer layer.  Our sad white tub is becoming increasingly blue.  Pun intended 😉 Mar7-bathroomsBEFORE (24)

And we are also sinking, as evidence by the growing gap in our grout job.  I just re-grouted the tub about a year ago, but somehow, we are sinking.  Our contractor will investigate once we get the bathroom gutted.  He’s hoping he can install some sister boards to the floor joists which would be an easy fix.  **Fingers crossed!** Mar7-bathroomsBEFORE (21)

Mar7-bathroomsBEFORE (26)Next we have some really fun ceiling and wall texture going on.  At least I’m assuming they used to be fun.  Yep, we’ll get new drywall in here too. Mar7-bathroomsBEFORE (17)Mar7-bathroomsBEFORE (28)

And lastly, do you notice something that is NOT in either of these bathrooms?  I’ll give you a hint:  I have to do my hair in the guest bedroom.  You got it.  Electrical outlets.  There are no outlets in either bathroom, which means my hair dryer, curling irons, and straighteners are all in the guest room.  So it’s really fun when we have guests spend the night and I have to go into their space to do my hair 🙂  NOT.

Although I will say, I have a lot more elbow room in the guest room that I ever will in the bathroom.  So who knows.  I might actually keep this routine.  Either way, a bathroom needs an outlet!

I think that about covers our little home tour as of today.  Demolition is set to commence in 2 weeks.  In the meantime, I am scouring the internet for pictures, materials, prices, reviews, and ideas for everything we plan to do.  I know what I want to do, now I just have to find the right deals to actually do it 🙂  So for all you DIYers and recent home renovators, recommendations are welcome!