When it rains, it POURS!

If you live in the Birmingham area today, I’m sure your house was drenched with rain like ours was.  I was out driving in it for a while, which was not so fun, and everywhere I looked there were rivers and lakes forming in places they should not have been.  The park by our house was probably 75% standing water, all the roadside drain systems were overflowing as gushes of water were trying to filter through the system.  It was one of those days were you understand where the term “flash flood” comes from.  There was just too much rain in too short of time for any natural or man-made drain system to handle.

That included our recently renovated backyard drain system.  I knew it was bad when I pulled in the driveway and saw this in our front yard…

Feb10-rain-001Yep!  That spot I mentioned in the last post that usually backs up with water at the corner of our house.  This is it and it was bigger than ever!  And I’ve drawn out in yellow where our pipes lies underground.  It runs right into the “lake,”  and when Greg came outside to investigate and pull back some the the dirt, we could see that it WAS draining…but again, God gave us a LOT of rain today.  So the load was just too great.

I then decided to walk around with my phone and document the rest of the rain and drain situation out back.  Forgive the lack of quality in these photos, but they were taken on my phone and I was getting rained on the whole time.  The front screen on my phone was drizzled with raindrops!

Feb10-rain6Feb10-rain8Feb10-rain3Here’s a top view of the drain in action!  So we know it works at least…

Feb10-rain7And here’s a shot of another “lake” in our neighbors’ yard that drains into the back corner of our yard and down into the drainage creek behind the house.  This is honestly the highest I’ve seen it get, but Greg says it happens quite a lot when we get lots of rain.

Feb10-rain5Feb10-rain4Feb10-rain2Too bad it wasn’t warm today.  We totally could have gone tubing at our house! 😉  Guess we’ll be doing some tweaks to the drainage system to see if we can improve it a bit.

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