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While we’ve been in a kick to clean-up and spruce up the backyard, we needed to address another water issue.  See, there’s this nice little patch off the right front corner of our house that also puddles really bad when it rains.  Grass has a hard time growing here partially due to the lack of drainage, and nobody likes a giant puddle in their yard, so we knew we had to deal with it at some point.  And since we just knocked out building a drainage system for the backyard, Greg decided he wanted to tackle this front area and try to solve that problem.  So far the back draining system seems to be working really well.  Greg captured this picture on his phone one day last week when it had been raining all day…feb1-drain

Look at all that rainwater rushing out the pipe into the drainage creek behind out house!  We were pretty thrilled it worked!  So, while mom and Dwayne were at our house helping with the first drain system, we talked it out and came up with a plan on how we could tie in more drain pipes leading all along the side of the house to the puddle area in the front.  That way it would drain water all the way to the back of the house and out the garden.  Since it seemed to be working so far, we went with it!

So Saturday morning Greg got started digging yet another ditch along the side of our house.  Our previous pipe system ended at the bottom of the deck stairs right by the pond.

Feb2-drain7So we lifted up the stones at the end of the path, dug a trench that squeezed between the steps and the pond and connected our new pipe to the end of the previous one.  You can’t see the pipes cause I snapped this picture after we had piled the dirt back on, but it just cuts through that corner and starts heading up the side of the house.  You can see below where the pipe ends at this point right in front of the rain barrel…

Feb2-drain3I don’t know which was harder… digging the first trench when the ground was SO muddy from a week’s worth of rain, or digging this time through SO MANY STINKIN’ tree roots!  The process this time was much quicker than the first time since we weren’t laying any sort of path down…but boy, it was back breaking work!

Feb2-drain6 Feb2-drain4

We told Jack he needed to stop staring at us and pick up a shovel and make himself useful.  I guess the lack of opposable thumbs is a good enough excuse 😉

Feb2-drain5Towards the end of the pipe system where the puddle problem begins, we added some gravel around the pipes to increase it’s drainage capacity.  Some rainclouds rolled through before we finished, so we had to resume our work Sunday afternoon.  But we finally got it all done and laid some pine-straw down to clean it up.  Now we just wait for another rainstorm to pass through to truly put it to the test again.  Fingers crossed!!


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