sweet little man

We went back to the hospital this evening to hang out with the Broughs.  They had several visitors in and out, mostly friends like us.  Hudson was more alert this evening than when I saw him this afternoon.  He woke up for a feed, and stayed awake for a bit, looking around, scoping out his environment.  I was able to snap a lot more pictures…

Feb18-Hudson (9) Feb18-Hudson (13) Feb18-Hudson (14) Feb18-Hudson (29)Feb18-Hudson (16)the Brough family of three!Feb18-Hudson (17)Jonathan and some of the guys, including his brother and nephewsFeb18-Hudson (18) Feb18-Hudson (30)Greg getting some practice 😉Feb18-Hudson (21)Feb18-Hudson (20)Feb18-Hudson (11) Feb18-Hudson (23)Feb18-Hudson (25)and this might be my favorite shot of the day 🙂Feb18-Hudson (22)

Hudson Brooks Brough

One of Greg’s best friends, Jonathan Brough, and his wife Lindsay have been expecting their baby boy any day now.  Jon and Greg have been best friends since they met at Samford.  They were in each others weddings, which Jon and Lindsay got married almost exactly a month before we did.  I met Lindsay when we were still dating these fine fellows, and we have become good friends over the past 2 years or so.  She’s very down to earth and we just clicked really well the few times we’ve gotten to hang out together.  They live in Louisville, KY so unfortunately we don’t get to see them as much as we would like.

Well, almost immediately after they found out they were pregnant (like literally, I think it was within days!), Jon called Greg and shared the good news.  We threw them a baby shower back in November with all our friends from Birmingham and I know Jon was so excited to see all his buddies!  It was that weekend that I realized Greg (and Jon) intended on us making a trip to Louisville when Hudson decided to make his grand debut.  It took a little while before I realized they were serious!  I joked to Lindsay that these guys would be connected at the hip if they could be…but of course I wanted to check with mommy-to-be to make sure she was ok with us coming to visit on the big day.  Lindsay was so sweet and said they would love to have us come and celebrate.

So for the past week or so we have been checking in and getting little updates as she had her weekly check-ups.  His due date was February 18th. Well, Sunday morning we woke up as usual.  Greg had to go help his parents unload their last load from moving out of their lakehouse this past weekend.  I went to church and met up with his family afterwards.  We got home around 2pm with plans of heading off to the Home and Garden Show at the BJCC.  (Unfortunately, Greg had left his phone at home all morning).  When we got home, I found his phone and realized Brough had sent him several messages…the last one said, “are you getting any of these?”  haha, oops. Sorry Brough 😉

We found out Lindsay had gone into labor that morning and was being admitted to the hospital.  Greg and I just looked at each other for a minute, tried to collect our thoughts and form a plan, and then we just decided to start packing.  I called my mom and she said she could keep Lily and Sophie, and we decided Jack could come with us.  We got everything in order and by 4pm we were on the road to Kentucky!

We arrived in Louisville around 10pm (Louisville time).  When we got to the hospital, we met up with Jon and Lindsay’s parents and a few other family and friends’ of theirs.  We got to go back and see Lindsay for a little while and enjoyed visiting with them while they just waited on her to continue dilating.  We waited for a while, then around 1am she was almost fully dilated.  As much as I tried staying up, I knew even after Hudson was born it would probably be a while before anyone could go back and see them.  So Greg offered to take me home (to Jon and Lindsay’s house where we are house and dog-sitting for a few days!).  Then he headed back to the hospital.  Turns out little man didn’t deliver until 4:10AM!  He was actually born on his due date!!  And he is doing well!  Weighs 7 lbs, 4oz and has a head full of auburn-y red hair!

Feb18 (5)Poor Jon and Lindsay hardly got any sleep last night.  By the time they were moved to their post-partum room, it was shift change on the unit, so the new day shift nurses were trying to get assessments and get her settled into the room.  Plus the hospital is under a lot of construction, so there’s all kinds of banging and clanging of machines and hammers in the early morning hours and all day.  We’re gonna take them our sound machine to tonight in hopes it will drown out some of the noise!

Greg got home around 6am, and so when I got up this morning I let him keep sleeping and around noon I headed up to the hospital to meet Mr. Hudson!  He was sound asleep the whole time 🙂  He is precious!  I was thankful to get a few minutes with him before a bunch of other family members starting arriving to visit.

Feb18 (1) Feb18 (2)Now we’re back at the house chillin’ with the pups for a while.  We’ll go back and visit all the Broughs around dinner-time tonight.  Lindsay has been craving some sushi, so we’re bringing her a plateful!  In the meantime, we’ll keep their other baby company… 🙂

Feb18 (6) Feb18 (8)

Happy Heart Day

I am such a sap for romantics!  I know Valentine’s Day may seem silly to some, and you’ll hear people say, “we show our love every day so we don’t let Valentine’s day be anything different.”  Well that’s great and all, but I soak up every bit of a chance to do something special with my sweetheart this time of year.  Yes, it’s a “made-up” holiday, and maybe it is just a big tactic for some sort of retail stimulus, but again, I’m a sap for any sort of romantic gesture.  So if declaring a holiday for sweethearts helps ignite those gestures, I’m all for it!  Let’s get real.  We all know life gets hectic.  The every day routines and demands of our jobs are always trying to eat up our time.  So to those of you who say, “we show our love everyday,” well I’m thrilled for you!  Really.  But I’m here to say I love Valentine’s day, and I hope it always means something special every year.  And yes, I hope my husband reads this and get’s the message 😉

Again, does that make me selfish?  I don’t think so.  It’s not like I’m asking for a diamonds every year.  You’d be amazed how just a simple bouquet of flowers makes my heart happy.  It’s that special day when it truly is the thought that counts.  It’s just that little reminder that says, “hey, I was thinking of you and this is how I want to show you.”  We all have different emotional needs.  Seriously. Did you know there are 5 love languages?  For some, gifts really are the language of love.  For others it’s physical touch…which is why Victoria’s Secret probably does really well this time of year 😉  And for me, it’s quality time.  I would even go further as to say it’s intentional time.  By that I mean sometimes it’s not enough just being available to spend time together, or always saying, “well, what do you want to do.”  Intentional quality time (to me), means actually putting effort towards spending time together.  There’s nothing I love more than when my husband actively plans something for us to do!  Sometimes it takes a little encouragement from myself, but hey, our men aren’t perfect.

So yesterday, I asked him if we could do our Valentine’s date last night (since we’d already decided we weren’t gonna fight the crazy crowds of actual Valentine’s day chaos).  He said sure, what do you want to do?  Of course in the back of my mind I’m wishing he would have already stepped up and made us some plans at this point.  But again, he’s not perfect and I can’t expect him to be.  I suggested a restaurant and figured that was that.  Well to my surprise, when I got home later, there was a beautiful bouquet of roses in the kitchen and he told me he called another restaurant instead and made us some reservations.  So last night we enjoyed a nice quiet date for two at Ruth’s Criss, and it was absolutely delicious!

Feb13-Valentines (1)I love spending one-on-one time with my husband.  His job has been really demanding lately, and I know he’s working really hard to benefit us, but I often feel like my time with him is very precious and never enough.  I try to be understanding, and it’s a learning process for us both.  So I’m very grateful for a special Valentine’s day.  I hope everyone feels loved today!

When it rains, it POURS!

If you live in the Birmingham area today, I’m sure your house was drenched with rain like ours was.  I was out driving in it for a while, which was not so fun, and everywhere I looked there were rivers and lakes forming in places they should not have been.  The park by our house was probably 75% standing water, all the roadside drain systems were overflowing as gushes of water were trying to filter through the system.  It was one of those days were you understand where the term “flash flood” comes from.  There was just too much rain in too short of time for any natural or man-made drain system to handle.

That included our recently renovated backyard drain system.  I knew it was bad when I pulled in the driveway and saw this in our front yard…

Feb10-rain-001Yep!  That spot I mentioned in the last post that usually backs up with water at the corner of our house.  This is it and it was bigger than ever!  And I’ve drawn out in yellow where our pipes lies underground.  It runs right into the “lake,”  and when Greg came outside to investigate and pull back some the the dirt, we could see that it WAS draining…but again, God gave us a LOT of rain today.  So the load was just too great.

I then decided to walk around with my phone and document the rest of the rain and drain situation out back.  Forgive the lack of quality in these photos, but they were taken on my phone and I was getting rained on the whole time.  The front screen on my phone was drizzled with raindrops!

Feb10-rain6Feb10-rain8Feb10-rain3Here’s a top view of the drain in action!  So we know it works at least…

Feb10-rain7And here’s a shot of another “lake” in our neighbors’ yard that drains into the back corner of our yard and down into the drainage creek behind the house.  This is honestly the highest I’ve seen it get, but Greg says it happens quite a lot when we get lots of rain.

Feb10-rain5Feb10-rain4Feb10-rain2Too bad it wasn’t warm today.  We totally could have gone tubing at our house! 😉  Guess we’ll be doing some tweaks to the drainage system to see if we can improve it a bit.

Dig it!

While we’ve been in a kick to clean-up and spruce up the backyard, we needed to address another water issue.  See, there’s this nice little patch off the right front corner of our house that also puddles really bad when it rains.  Grass has a hard time growing here partially due to the lack of drainage, and nobody likes a giant puddle in their yard, so we knew we had to deal with it at some point.  And since we just knocked out building a drainage system for the backyard, Greg decided he wanted to tackle this front area and try to solve that problem.  So far the back draining system seems to be working really well.  Greg captured this picture on his phone one day last week when it had been raining all day…feb1-drain

Look at all that rainwater rushing out the pipe into the drainage creek behind out house!  We were pretty thrilled it worked!  So, while mom and Dwayne were at our house helping with the first drain system, we talked it out and came up with a plan on how we could tie in more drain pipes leading all along the side of the house to the puddle area in the front.  That way it would drain water all the way to the back of the house and out the garden.  Since it seemed to be working so far, we went with it!

So Saturday morning Greg got started digging yet another ditch along the side of our house.  Our previous pipe system ended at the bottom of the deck stairs right by the pond.

Feb2-drain7So we lifted up the stones at the end of the path, dug a trench that squeezed between the steps and the pond and connected our new pipe to the end of the previous one.  You can’t see the pipes cause I snapped this picture after we had piled the dirt back on, but it just cuts through that corner and starts heading up the side of the house.  You can see below where the pipe ends at this point right in front of the rain barrel…

Feb2-drain3I don’t know which was harder… digging the first trench when the ground was SO muddy from a week’s worth of rain, or digging this time through SO MANY STINKIN’ tree roots!  The process this time was much quicker than the first time since we weren’t laying any sort of path down…but boy, it was back breaking work!

Feb2-drain6 Feb2-drain4

We told Jack he needed to stop staring at us and pick up a shovel and make himself useful.  I guess the lack of opposable thumbs is a good enough excuse 😉

Feb2-drain5Towards the end of the pipe system where the puddle problem begins, we added some gravel around the pipes to increase it’s drainage capacity.  Some rainclouds rolled through before we finished, so we had to resume our work Sunday afternoon.  But we finally got it all done and laid some pine-straw down to clean it up.  Now we just wait for another rainstorm to pass through to truly put it to the test again.  Fingers crossed!!