Sprucing up the Backyard

Today we made huge progress on the backyard!  Dwayne and I got started nice and early.  First we had to keep digging the trench for the rest of the pipe to run along the length of the path.  He also worked on clearing out these two overgrown areas along the wall of the house.  Here’s what it looked like yesterday…

Jan22-backyard (5)One giant dead bush and one terribly crooked gardenia bush filled this space.  Well yesterday Greg and Dwayne tried hooking a chain up to the truck and pulling the bushes out.  But the ground was still too wet, and Greg’s truck kept getting stuck.  So today Dwayne did some digging and took an axe to them, and eventually we got the space cleared out.

Jan22-backyard (9) Jan23-backyard path (2) Jan23-backyard path (5)Mom and Greg came out to help us a little later, and we got weed blocked laid out where the path would go, and edging put in place to define the path.  We made sure to do lots of leveling yesterday to make sure our pipe will funnel any water out of the yard and through the garden.  Let’s just hope it actually works!

Jan23-backyard path (3) Jan23-backyard path (7)The hardest part was that the ground and dirt still wasn’t 100% dry, so all the dirt we kept having to dig through and move around was pretty heavy.  It was exhausting!  We also trimmed up the pear tree some more.  There were a lot of branches either already broken or badly bent, and the whole tree was just too crowded.  We needed to get rid of a good portion of them so that it would produce fewer but bigger pears this summer.  Too many branches and it will just produce a bunch of smaller pears.  But anyways, back to the path.  The next step was to fill the path with mulch Greg picked up this morning.

Jan23-backyard path (8) Jan23-backyard path (9)Next we laid the stones in place!  It looks soooo good!!!!  And then we added mulch around the base of the pear tree (which I unfortunately didn’t get a picture of).  But check it out!  Our beautiful backyard!

Jan23-backyard path (11) Jan23-backyard path (12) Jan23-backyard path (14) I still need to get some bushes planted along the back wall of the house.  And over time the grass will need to grow back in some spots, but hopefully some good weed killer will help with that.  I also did some prepping for spring gardening. I got all my pots on the deck cleared out, pulled all the dead veggies plants up, and trimmed some branches from the tree that grows over the pond.  It was a successful day, and we would have never gotten it done without the help of mom and Dwayne!!  And now I’m laid out on the couch and can’t move.  Work may be rough tomorrow.

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  1. It looks GREAT! I wish that we had a yard that I could work in. Also, I like the new look to your website. It is very cute.

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