So our backyard has been needing some work lately.  Actually, it’s been needing some work since the first time I laid eyes on it, and we’ve come a long way from the wild and crazy jungle that once grew back there.  But our current project includes taking care of some poor drainage issues.  Any time it rains for more than a day or so, water starts to build up in the yard.  What makes it worse is Lily (one of our dogs) runs a particular path so much that the grass has thinned out.  Then when you have weeks like last week where it rained for over 5 days straight, the main portion of the backyard just turns into a MAJOR mud pit.  It was BAD!  We kept towels at the backdoor for days and constantly had to wipe all three dogs’ paws off when they came into the house.

So last Saturday when the weather was nice, Greg and I decided to start our project of turning the “path” Lily has created into a legit walkway with stepping stones and mulch (since grass won’t grow well there anyways).  It would lead from the back porch to the gate of the garden.  Well, the ground was still waaaay too wet for us to make much progress.  We were slipping and sinking into mud like it was quicksand.  Here’s what it all looked like as of last Saturday.Jan19-backyard path (1) Jan19-backyard path (2) Jan19-backyard path (3)The other area that needs attention is the area along the back wall of the house.  At one point several bushes or trees were planted there, but it’s mostly just stumps left in the ground.  There is one gardenia bush that I would love to keep, but for some reason it grows totally crooked.  I don’t know if something fell on it at some point, or if it just always tried growing towards the sun, but it leans TERRIBLY to the side, so I think we’re just gonna chunk it.  I would like this whole area to get replanted with some hydrangea bushes or maybe some azaleas.  Anything that will flower!  We have no flowering bushes at our house, and I need some pretty flowers!

Jan19-backyard path (5)Well today my mom and Dwayne came over and helped us with our project.  We had already decided we needed a pipe underground to help drain water out of the yard, through the garden walkway, and into the waterway that runs behind our house.  So Dwayne helped us dig a trench for the pipe, and we started making a dent clearing out the “land of stumps.”

Jan22-backyard (4)Jan22-backyard (3) Jan22-backyard (5) Jan22-backyard (6)And since mom and I weren’t much help with the trench digging part, we decided to start pruning the pear tree a little.  And I dug up all the dead tomato, cucumber, and bell pepper plants from the raised garden.  I can’t wait for warm weather and gardening to begin again! 🙂

Jan22-backyard (7)Tomorrow we’ll be back out there working some more.  There’s more pipe to bury and ground to level out.  Hard work will hopefully pay off when we have a pretty backyard to hang out in this summer!