Birthday Adventures

Today is Greg’s birthday.  My dear hubby is 28!  And to celebrate his birthday he wanted to take a trip to Nashville!  You know what’s really sweet?  I think he actually thought through something we could do for the weekend that he knew I would really enjoy.  He suggested going to Nashville and going to the ICE exhibit and exploring the Opryland Hotel and seeing all the Christmas lights.  I mean he could have asked to go on a guy’s hunting trip, or finding a football game to travel and go to.  But he chose something he knew I would really enjoy as well, and I appreciate that so much!  I love spending one-on-one time with my husband, and this weekend was so much fun!

And one of the best parts of the trip was that we got to stay with our good friends Steven and Mallorie who moved up to TN earlier this year.  We miss seeing those guys, so it was fun to catch up with them.  They bought a forclosure house on a 5-acre lot of land…aka, they have a farm 🙂  Well, eventually they will have a farm with goats and chickens, they hope.  Right now it’s just a house and barn on lots of land, but I loved it!

We left Birmingham when I got off work Friday night, which put us getting into Lebanon, TN pretty late, but that was ok.  Steve and Mal both had to work a little bit on Saturday.  Steven is a vet and Mallorie owns her own shop in historic downtown Lebanon.  But it was fine, because Greg and I decided to just go exploring around downtown Lebanon square and do a little Christmas shopping (and some antique shopping!) (Especially since I’d be dying to see Mallorie’s new store!).  Check her out… POSH.

I really liked this pie safe. It would be perfect for holding my canning supplies and goods.  But it was a little too big and a lot too pricey.

Saturday evening we went to dinner at a local Italian restaurant called Demos‘ and it was DELICIOUS!! I’ve been craving a good chicken fettuccine alfredo and this place hit the spot.  After dinner we drove into Nashville to go to ICE.  It was a lot of fun!  The theme this year was Shrek.

This is the line waiting to go down the ice slide.  And don’t worry, it was worth it 😉

After ICE, we walked to the Opryland hotel and saw the lights and got a few drinks at one of the bars inside.  We loved getting to spend this quality time with our friends.

And then today, we had lunch with some more friends who also recently moved to TN.  Laura and Dan just got married in October, and I was so sad we couldn’t go to their wedding (it was the weekend of the New Orleans half-marathon).  So Greg and I met them for lunch at Dave and Busters at Opry Mills.  The food was delicious, and of course the arcade center was a big success.  And it was so nice to see these friends 🙂

I think it’s safe to say the weekend was GREAT!  It’s always nice to get away for a bit, and I think my birthday boy enjoyed it 🙂

It’s beginning…

…to look a lot like Christmas!  Our home is completely decorated for the holidays, and I love it so much 🙂  With all the lights and garland and wreaths and of course, the tree, the house feels so warm and cozy. I wish I could keep these decorations up all year round.  But then again, I guess it wouldn’t feel as special doing it that way.

Each year I try to arrange things a little bit different (if I can), just to mix things up a little.  Obviously, the tree will always go in the same spot.  And since we don’t have a fireplace with a mantle, I make do using the media stand.  Oh how I wish we had a fireplace and a mantle!

Anyways, let’s do a little Christmas home tour 2012!

These are some of the newest ornaments on our tree this year.  The first 2 are from our anniversary trip to Charleston.  Then I got one for each of the dogs, Lily, Jack and Sophie.

This one I got on our Disney trip in January 2012 (it was exactly 1 year after we had gotten engaged on our Disney trip 2011).  So, I got this ornament and had it engraved to say “Engaged” and “01-08-2011” on either side of the middle pendant.

And these little jingle bell ornaments came from my Nana’s house.  I love the little things I have of hers 🙂

I asked my mom if I could have a few items from her Christmas decorations that I remember being in our house growing up.  She and I both know there’s no way she can put all her decorations out that she has collected over the years.  So, she let me have a few memorable pieces…and I love seeing them around our own house now!

But I think my favorite thing this year is the display of vintage Christmas prints I printed and framed for the dining room.  The botanicals that normally hang there just didn’t seem to fit for the holiday season.  So I found some vintage prints online, cropped and edited them to fit in the dining room frames, and I think they look GREAT in the dining room!  There’s an elegance to them that fits perfectly with the holiday decor.

Where did November go?

The month of November flew by!  How have I gone almost 3 weeks without writing a blog post??  Well, just as I said…November was here and now it’s almost gone.  Whew.  But to be honest, there really hasn’t been much to write about this month.  We had our friends in town for their baby shower the first weekend, and then I worked (and even picked up overtime) the next weekend.  Greg went to Kentucky for 5 days to go to the Samford vs. Kentucky basketball and football game.  He and Aidan rode up together, and even the rest of the Boggs clan made a trip of it.  I had to work some of those days, so I stayed in Birmingham.  I did NOT enjoy being home without Greg for that long.  Especially since I didn’t have a lot going on to keep me busy.  I might have gotten a little moody from missing my hubs 🙁

Before we knew it, it was Thanksgiving week.  Last year we tried to incorporate ALL our families in Thanksgiving, and I think it stressed some of us (cough, Katie) out a little bit 😉  Last year we did a Graves family lunch on Wednesday, then Katie and Chuck went out of town with his family on Thursday, while Greg and I (plus mom, Dwayne and Emily) went to Georgia for the Boggs’ Thanksgiving.  And even last year at Christmas it got a little chaotic trying to juggle all our families, so I think we’ve realized it becomes a little stressful when you’re trying to be with everyone and be a part of everyone’s holidays all at the same time.  So this year we talked about it and just decided since neither I nor Katie had to work Thanksgiving this year we would just do a Graves Thanksgiving lunch on Thursday and not try to juggle time with our in-laws this time.  (Don’t get us wrong, we love our in-laws!)  But, sometimes you just have to make a choice.  Such is the married life 😉

Sooo…Thursday we all went over to my mom’s house and celebrated Thanksgiving together.  Katie and I cooked some sides, mom cooked a ham and desserts, and we gave the guys the job of frying the turkey.  I decided to cook sweet potato casserole for the first time (and it turned out really yummy!).  It really was such a great day!


After lunch I wanted to get some family pics of Greg and me with the dogs to use for a Christmas card.  Well we had also talked about going shooting (Emily had recently learned how to shoot a shotgun).  So we decided to knock out both at the same time.  We loaded up the dogs, and the whole family went out to the woods for a little family bonding…shotguns in hand 😉  It turned out to be a LOT of fun!!  Dwayne brought 2 of his guns out too, and we all got to take shots.  We shot skeet and coke cans. It was so random, but we stayed out till it got dark and we couldn’t shoot anymore!