hello Cedar Mountain

Greg’s grandparents, Mimi and Daddy Bob, live on Cedar Mountain outside of Brevard, N.C.  After exploring the city of Brevard during the day, we went to their house for the evening to enjoy some visiting time and a delicious home-cooked dinner!  After being in Charleston for several days, then Charlotte one night, and having to eat out for every meal during our vacation, it was so good to have a yummy home-cooked meal 🙂

But before heading to Mimi and Daddy Bob’s house, we went to the Sassy Goose bed and breakfast to check-in.  This place was so quiet and peaceful.  It sits in the mountains, and we actually had the whole lodge to ourselves since no one else was booked for the night.

Off to Mimi and Daddy Bob’s house.  We loved hanging out with them for a few hours, catching up on everything, enjoying a delicious dinner and relaxing in the mountains.  They were so excited we came to visit, too!!

We loved our time in the mountains!  It was so beautiful up there.  The weather was just starting to cool down, and the leaves on the trees were beginning to change colors.  And then on our trip home the next morning, we found an amazing view spot off the side of the mountain!!  We seriously could not get over this view. It was AMAZING!


 And so we conclude our 1st year anniversary trip. 4 days in Charleston, S.C., 1 day in Charlotte, N.C., and 1 day in Cedar Mountain, N.C.  1,000 miles on the truck and approximately 21 hours of traveling on the road.  I’ve always wanted to take a road trip, and this one was so much fun!  And I wouldn’t have done it with anyone else. 🙂

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