Have you been to Brevard?

After our night in Charlotte, we continued our little road trip onward through North Carolina towards to this tiny little mountain town of Brevard.  Greg’s grandparents live on Cedar Mountain outside of the city.  I wish I could think of a city to compare it to, but it sits in the mountains, has tons of beds and breakfasts, and has a population of roughly 7,500 people.  It is such a cute town.  To get to it, we had to wind our way up over the mountain, and because the weather was still a little dreary and overcast, it was VERY foggy up in the mountains.

 Once we got into Brevard, we stopped at a soda shop for some lunch.  It was delicious!  Then we spent about 2-3 hours walking around town exploring the little shops.   We even found Sophie’s twin in the window of one of the shops!

My favorite was this awesome antiques market.  It was 3 stories.  We could have spent much longer in there, but by this point we were a little bit crunched for time to get to his grandparents house to visit for the evening.  But check out all the cool stuff we found!!!


The only thing we actually walked away with were two of these shutters. I’m hoping to make them into a headboard one day…

 After exploring Brevard, we headed back up the mountain where we had booked a night at a bed and breakfast, and planned to visit with Greg’s grandparents Mimi and Daddy Bob for the evening.