Onward to Charlotte

Our actual anniversary was on Monday, Oct 8th.  And we spent a good portion of the day on the road traveling from Charleston, SC to Charlotte, NC to visit our friends for the night.  Renee and I have known each other since the day we were born (our parents were friends before any of the them had kids).  We’ve had traditional Disney World trips with their family for years growing up.  Well Renee and her husband Stephen now live in Charlotte, and since we don’t get to see them much anymore, we decided to take a night to visit them on our little road trip. 

It was a bit of a nasty day.  A cold front swept through, and it was cloudy and a tad bit rainy.  But we arrived just as Renee was getting home from work.  So while we waited on Stephen to get home, Greg stayed at the house to knock out some work, and Renee and I took the dog walking at this lake/state park area near their house.

Then we headed downtown for dinner.  It was so nice getting to catch up with these two.  Life is well for them in Charlotte.  The greatest thing about these friends is because we were such great family friends growing up, it doesn’t matter how much time passes between when we see each other, it’s like time never passed.  We can just pick up where we left off and I love it.  It makes me wish we lived closer together!

Greg was pumped about seeing the NFL stadium.  Also, check out my pretty anniversary gift.  Garnet and diamond earrings.  My birthstone is a garnet. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Onward to Charlotte

  1. So glad you got to visit with Renee and Stephen! And yes, I wish we all lived closer and could see the Nester clan more often!

  2. happy anniversary to you! i remember you talking about renee for years, sounds like a fun trip! and good job greg on those gorgeous earrings 🙂

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