Civil War history at Fort Sumter

Friday we got up and first thing we did was head to the bay to board a ferry and go see Fort Sumter.  Some quick facts about Fort Sumter; the first shots of the Civil War were fired here in April 1861.  This is where it all began.  Union troops occupied the fort, and when they refused to vacate, Confederate soldiers fired shots from nearby Fort Johnson.  After 2-days of battles, Union troops finally surrendered the fort to the South.  Fort Sumter originally stood about 50 feet high on all walls.  In 4 years, through the battles of the Civil War, it suffered a lot of damage and now only stands roughly 1-story high.  It is estimated that in that 4-years time, 46,000 shells were fired at Fort Sumter.  It wasn’t decommissioned as a military fort until after WWII.  Since that time, it serves as a national monument for tourists.

Here we are waiting to board the ferry.
 This plaque shows the destruction of the fort from its original structure in 1861 to 1863.

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