Charleston bound!

This year for our 1 year wedding anniversary, we decided to take a trip to Charleston, S.C.  To break up the long road trip, we left Wednesday after I got off work and drove to Greg’s parents house at Lake Oconee, GA.  That way we only had about a 4 hour drive on Thursday to get to Charleston.

However, we ran into a bit of a crisis the moment we arrived into Charleston. (Forgive me while I rant for a minute, or two).  We had booked our stay through at the Holiday Inn.  When Greg went inside to check-in, they said we didn’t have any reservations.  Greg gave them my name and his name, and nothing (and apparently they were very rude about it, too).  Well, just a few days before I had gotten our credit card statement and had seen where we had been charged for the 4 nights.  So, for the first almost 2 hours of our arrival to Charleston we were sitting in the parking lot in our car searching both email accounts for any confirmation emails (which we realized we never got), calling the credit card company (who luckily was extremely nice and helpful), calling (who was extremely slow and not the most accommodating, considering the whole thing was their fault in the first place), and basically panicking because we were running out of options.  Obviously, figured out they had to refund our hotel reservations, but we were left on our own finding another hotel we could book for the week (which was hard enough to do online from home 3 weeks ago, for a price that was decent).  So, when we finally realized we didn’t have any back-up plans, Greg just put the car in reverse and drove across the bay to the Courtyard Marriott.  We basically just walked in, tried to briefly explain our crisis, and hoped we could get a decent deal.  Thank goodness the lady at the front desk was very understanding, and she gave us a GREAT deal (better than what we had had in the first place).  So in the end, God took care of us and it all worked out.  But it was super stressful for a while.  I can’t believe I didn’t cry, to be honest.

Whew, ok, rant done.  How about this Charleston sunset…

So by this time it was dinnertime and we were ready to see Charleston.  We headed to East Bay Street and walked around, did some window shopping at the local shops and restaurants.  We ate dinner, then walked around some more.  We ended up walking down to the pier then headed home for the night.  After a long day, we were ready for a comfy bed!

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  1. So sorry for the mess up but so glad it worked out well for you guys. Glad you’ve had a good week! And still at it! Enjoy the rest of the trip and visits!

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