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One of my favorite keepsakes from our wedding day was our bride and groom bird cake toppers.  We (well actually, mostly my friend and bridesmaid Dana) made them and they turned out so cute.  I got all the materials from Hobby Lobby, and here’s how they looked on our big day.

 I had plans to keep them and display them since the moment we made them, but I actually sorta lost them for a few months.  Somehow in all the craziness of packing all my wedding decor up that night after our wedding reception, my mom accidentally placed them in a random box of non-wedding items at her house.  So for months we couldn’t find them, and I was convinced they must have gotten left behind at our wedding venue.  In the meantime, I made this wedding shadow box, but desperately wished my little love birds could be included.  Then one day this summer my mom found the box which I had labeled “Graves/Boggs wedding topper.”  Yay!! They weren’t lost after all.

Well, I quickly figured out they were actually bigger than I had pictured them before, and would not fit in my other wedding box.  So, today I decided to just make them their own box 🙂

Here’s what I did.  I got another small shadow box (5″x7″) from HobLob (and they were 50% off, whoop whoop!).  I cut off a small piece of burlap (from our stock of leftover wedding burlap) to make a backdrop for my box.  I just used some E6000 glue to stick it to the back board of the shadow box.

 Then I thought about getting some twig-like stuff from Hobby Lobby to make them a nest of some sort they could sit on, but then I remembered I had a lot of this peat moss leftover from my “mossy B” wedding project, so I decided that would do just fine.  I just tore off a little strip and glued it to the bottom inside of the frame.

The next several steps just involved a lot of trial and error gluing to make the birds stand upright, make the heart sign stick to the backdrop, and just make everything stay where it should.  I would have taken pics, but my fingers were caked with glue at this point.  Here’s the final product though!  Oh, and I made the paper banner with our wedding date on it to add a little more significance to the piece.  I love it!

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  1. I LOVE it too! I was sooooo very happy the day I found these little birds!I’d even contemplating getting more birds and having them re-created for your shadow box…but so glad to find the originals. You did such a good job with this little box!

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