back in Bama country

Last Saturday, Greg’s parents invited us to go with them to the Bama game.  With all the wedding craziness during last year’s football season, I didn’t make it to Tuscaloosa for any games.  So, it was good to be back this week.  Saturday morning we actually made a quick visit to the Pepper Place farmer’s market, but unfortunately by the time we got there all the goodies were mostly all gone.  We’re going to have to make an effort to get up a little earlier next time.

After the farmer’s market, we got home and jumped in the car with the Boggs and the four of us headed to T-town.  Greg’s dad has some old fraternity brothers from their days at Samford University together, who always tailgate for the homegames.  So, we met up with them, ate some good food, talked and visited, and there might have been a little dancing involved. They are a fun group of folks’ 🙂

  My sweet in-laws!
Our buddy Michael came by to hang out for a bit too!

We headed to the game, but actually didn’t get to sit with Greg’s parents.  They were in their season pass seats somewhere along the 40 yard line, about 35 rows up (I think).  And we were actually in some upper level seats right next to the press boxes (underneath “the Zone,” if you know where that is!).  Apparently “the Zone” is the place to be.  Air-conditioned box seats with free drinks (and food, maybe?).  I was just happy to the in the shade!!  Oh, and we had seat backs, which was awesome.  So the whole game was cool, shady, and comfortable for us! 🙂  Can’t beat that!

The game was good. We won, no big surprise 😉  We played Florida Atlantic, soooo….yeah.  I was just happy to be back in Bryant-Denny.  Hopefully we’ll get to go to another game this year.  But until then, ROLL TIDE!


love birds

One of my favorite keepsakes from our wedding day was our bride and groom bird cake toppers.  We (well actually, mostly my friend and bridesmaid Dana) made them and they turned out so cute.  I got all the materials from Hobby Lobby, and here’s how they looked on our big day.

 I had plans to keep them and display them since the moment we made them, but I actually sorta lost them for a few months.  Somehow in all the craziness of packing all my wedding decor up that night after our wedding reception, my mom accidentally placed them in a random box of non-wedding items at her house.  So for months we couldn’t find them, and I was convinced they must have gotten left behind at our wedding venue.  In the meantime, I made this wedding shadow box, but desperately wished my little love birds could be included.  Then one day this summer my mom found the box which I had labeled “Graves/Boggs wedding topper.”  Yay!! They weren’t lost after all.

Well, I quickly figured out they were actually bigger than I had pictured them before, and would not fit in my other wedding box.  So, today I decided to just make them their own box 🙂

Here’s what I did.  I got another small shadow box (5″x7″) from HobLob (and they were 50% off, whoop whoop!).  I cut off a small piece of burlap (from our stock of leftover wedding burlap) to make a backdrop for my box.  I just used some E6000 glue to stick it to the back board of the shadow box.

 Then I thought about getting some twig-like stuff from Hobby Lobby to make them a nest of some sort they could sit on, but then I remembered I had a lot of this peat moss leftover from my “mossy B” wedding project, so I decided that would do just fine.  I just tore off a little strip and glued it to the bottom inside of the frame.

The next several steps just involved a lot of trial and error gluing to make the birds stand upright, make the heart sign stick to the backdrop, and just make everything stay where it should.  I would have taken pics, but my fingers were caked with glue at this point.  Here’s the final product though!  Oh, and I made the paper banner with our wedding date on it to add a little more significance to the piece.  I love it!

Exciting news

Greg and I are excited to announce…………

hahaha, nope, I know what you’re thinking!  So I realize this may only be exciting to me, but my blog will be getting an upgrade soon!  And by upgrade, I mean, “goodbye blogger, hello new website!”  That’s right.  I’m getting my own website to run my blog of off.  Although I have loved using Blogger, and have never had any problems with it, I’ve been debating about getting an actual website (and even a few people have asked me if I would ever turn it into a website), and since Greg’s job is building websites for companies, it just seemed silly not to.  AND, my storage space on blogger is about to run out, so  I’d need to buy more storage anyways, and it’s actually cheaper to go the website route instead.

So, this weekend we bought a domain name and have been working on building me a new website (and by we, I mostly mean Greg).  The hard part for me is learning how to use WordPress, which is how I will run the new site.  It will still mostly function just as a blog, but it gives me a lot more freedom to expand if I ever decide to go that route.  I would like to get some ads running on my page and possibly make a penny or two.  It’ll be a work-in-progress for a while getting everything functioning and looking the way I like, which is why I’m not going to share the new link just yet.  But when the time comes, I’ll post the new link and from that point everything will move to the new site.

I can’t wait.  And although the design part of it is fun, I’m a bit overwhelmed with all the options right now.  But I know I’ll love it in the end. 🙂  So stay tuned!!

helping with the babies

Our oldest niece Evey is experiencing her first trip to Disney World this week, and by the Instagram pics her mama’s been posting all week, I know she is ABSOLUTELY loving it!  I’m honestly shocked at some of the things she is doing, like riding Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain (and having a blast doing it!), and taking so many pictures with all her favorite characters (ok it’s really just a particular picture with her and the giant Beast from Beauty and the Beast– thought for sure she’d been a little scared of that one!).  And the best part is it’s just her, her mama and daddy, and her best friend (along with her parents).  Evey and Evelyn (yes, her best friend has the same name!) both just turned 4, and I know they are having so. much. fun!  I mean, it’s Disney…WHO DOESN’T LOVE IT?!  I wish I could share some of Jordan’s pics, cause they are precious!

Anyways, so while they are all out of town, we’ve been hanging out and helping with my other niece and nephew who are too young to enjoy Disney at this point.  Saturday, Greg and I went over to their house to watch the Bama game, and visit with Greg’s dad, grandparents and the little ones.  Cate is getting so big and I love that she is so much more open to allowing other people to hold and love on her now 🙂  (When she was just a month or so old, it seemed like hardly anyone else could hold her besides her mama and daddy).  But she is the happiest baby and has been great this week!  Here we are cuddling after one of her naps Saturday.

Then Saturday evening, Greg’s dad, Greg and I went to the Samford football game and we took Bennett with us.  He loved watching the football and hearing the band play.  And that boy can spot a football from way up in the stands!  He pretty much spend the whole time going back and forth between “Bubba,” “Mamy” and “Bean’s” lap!  (that would be us).


Then today, Greg and I met Callen and Cate for lunch at Mr. P’s in Bluff Park.  The weather was so nice today, we actually decided to take our sandwiches across the street and eat outside at Tip Top Grill.  It was such a pretty day.  And hanging out with this little cutie makes it even better.  Love this girl so much 🙂  Just can’t get enough of her!




a date to the fair

Last night Greg told me he had plans for us to go to the fair.  I didn’t even know the fair was in town, so I was so excited that he had found this out and made plans for us to go.  We had so much fun!  I’ve honestly never been to a state fair, and although this one was small, it was totally worth it!  And I think we can both agree that our favorite part was the petting zoo!  I seriously want some little pygmy goats now 🙂  (Prepare for photo explosion…)

What would have been awesome was if they had contests, like biggest pig (I’m thinking Charlotte’s Web style with ribbons).  And famous homemade pie and jam contests. Now that’s how you do a state fair.  But check out this little guy!  He’s only 8 weeks old.

Seriously, the animals were the best.  I wanted a picture with the camel, but he kept getting really close to my face and making a loud groaning noise. I was afraid I was about to get spit on!  haha

  I don’t think we’ll be getting any camels on our future farm one day.  I think I’ll stick with the goats and maybe a llama or two.  Or maybe one of these super furry cows!


I can’t handle the cuteness!!  Ok, I promise we did other things besides playing with the farm animals.  We walked around and picked out some rides to do.  We definitely picked a good one.  It swung back and forth like a pendulum while spinning ’round and ’round at the same time.  It was a lot more intense than we expected a fair ride to be!  We also rode the Ferris wheel.  I mean, how do you go to the fair without riding the Ferris wheel, right?


 We also got to see 2 different shows, an equestrian show and a “circus-like” show.  They were pretty good.  Nothing super spectacular, but worth sitting for 30 mins to enjoy.  The “circus” show did have a 9 yr. old boy and his 14 yr. old sister who rode little motorcycles in a giant sphere cage.  Apparently they were on America’s Got Talent last year.  That was pretty impressive.