Keeping Rosco

For the past several days we kept my sister and her husband’s dog, Rosco, while they went on their 1-year anniversary trip to the beach.  Rosco is a 4 month old vizsla puppy, and he kept our 3 dogs on their toes all week long!  Even our youngest pup Lily was getting pretty worn out by Rosco’s constant desire to play and wrestle.  It was good though. He really did well mixing in with our pack 🙂  We took them to the park, went on a nice 2-mile(ish) jog (Greg actually ran 6 miles, taking Jack for 3 and Lily for 3), and even went for a swim yesterday afternoon.  And of course I took tons of pics.  Partially because I knew Katie and Chuck enjoyed getting updates on their little man, but also because it’s just fun having a new dog in the house.


One thought on “Keeping Rosco

  1. Looks like they had a good time! Love the picture of Lily looking down at Rosco in the seat! Looks like she is wondering What in the world are you doing!

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