Video recap

I’m tidying up my video files on my computer, and I decided it would be fun to share just a few!

Last spring Greg’s roommate’s dog Lola had a liter of puppies and we went up to Jasper one afternoon to see the pups. They’re purebred labrador retrievers, and were probably about 4-5 weeks old at this point, I think.  John and Leah’s pup Josie is in there somewhere, although looking back now, I don’t remember which one she is! The pups had never been in water before, so we decided this would be a great day for a little swim!  As you will see, most of them were not fans yet.
This next one is from our honeymoon in Atlantis last October.  It’s one of the fish tanks at the Royal Towers where the giant manta ray lives.  This is probably the best representation I have of how HUGE he was!
Also on our honeymoon, we sat out on the beach for about an hour one afternoon as a storm was rolling in off the ocean.  This is definitely the closest I’ve been to lightning strikes (you’ll see it at the last few seconds of the video). They were striking the water a couple hundred yards off shore…and eventually, we had to leave cause the storm actually made it to shore.
And lastly, this was taken January 2012 when we were in Disney World for the marathon.  Katie ran her first half marathon with Chuck and Zach, and then the next day the boys ran the full marathon.  This is the only clip I have of Katie passing us during the run (which if I remember correctly, this was about 5 miles into the run!)