Happy 4th!

Would you believe it if I told you all these pictures came off my camera!?  Yep! It’s true. I just increased the contrast a bit to bring out the colors, but that’s it!  Independence day was a bit uneventful for me this year.  It was my holiday to work, and being on a Wednesday, it didn’t allow for any long 4th of July weekends.  But, Tuesday night Greg and I joined my family at Hoover Country Club for their annual fireworks.  I’ve always loved going to this show because you get to see the fireworks go off from only about 50 yards away.  So they are HUGE and right above our heads.

We realized once we got there that Greg had never been to a HCC firework show.  Last year we watched them at my friend Dana’s house (who lives right at the bottom of the hill from Vulcan).  The year before I would have had to work the 4th, and the first 4th of July we had together we went to his parents’ house at the lake.  Greg was pretty impressed.  Like I said, they are pretty incredible!