Dana and Chesley’s wedding weekend begins

Last weekend we celebrated our last wedding of the season!!  We had 6 weddings this spring, and Dana and Chesley finished us off at #6!  These two actually met and knew each other when we were all in school at Samford University (unlike the rest of us, who didn’t know any of these boys during our times at Samford).  Dana and Chesley had some art classes together and both graduated in Graphic Design.  A few years later they reconnected, and through them I met Greg and Leah met John.  And now we are all married, and the circle is complete 🙂

The weekend kicked off Friday morning with Dana’s bridesmaids luncheon at Oscar’s at the Birmingham Museum of Art.  All her bridesmaids, her mother and mother-in-law, sister-in-laws and grandmothers where able to make it.

 the bridesmaids (minus Lauren, who had already left)
 Dana and the Vague ladies (her almost in-laws!)
 Friday evening we all met at the Vague home for rehearsal and then dinner followed at Musgrove Country Club.  And of course you can always count on us girls to have fun just killing time…

We got a sneak preview of what to expect Saturday morning when we walked into the foyer/living room.  There were flowers EVERYWHERE!!  So many beautiful pink, white, and blue garden flowers.  And Saturday’s decor did NOT disappoint.  Dana is so creative and the whole atmosphere reflected that.

After dinner all of us bridesmaids slept at a home hosted by some Jasper friends of the Vagues.  We had an early morning awaiting us, so we pretty much did the basics…painted toes, ironed dresses, then went on to bed!