Dana’s bachelorette weekend

Yesterday another two of our closest friends got married on what could possibly have been the most beautiful wedding day ever!  But, before I tell you all about that, I want to share about our ladies weekend at the beach for our bride-to-be. Last weekend we headed down to Orange Beach, AL for a few days relaxing in the sun by the pool, lots of yummy food, and good times with a great group of girls.  It was Memorial Day weekend, so that extra day put the cherry on top of our little getaway.  It was pretty crowded, but we staked out our spots by the lazy river each morning and went to some fun local seafood spots for lunches and dinner.  All in all, it was a great weekend and a great way to relax and prepare for the wedding weekend to come 🙂 
 Dana, Laura, Abby and Leah soaking up some sun by the lazy river

Saturday night we all went to the Oyster Bar, which was delicious!  And of course we have to eat at Doc’s when we go to Orange Beach.

 Dana and Amie (Chesley’s sister) at Oyster Bar…. and me and Abby at Doc’s