The Melons are In!

Well, I thought I would never say it, but the garden is finally finished!  Ok, it may never actually be finished, but everything is finally planted.  I’ve had 2 watermelon and 2 cantaloup plants that have been in dire need of getting into the ground for weeks.  Remember this side of the garden?  This is where I intended on them going to they would have plenty of room to spread their vines.

Luckily it didn’t look this bad this morning.  About a month ago I sprayed the heck out of these weeds with Round-Up and spread weed-blocker over the area to keep weeds from coming back.  But I still felt overwhelmed thinking about tackling this portion of the garden.  Thanks to my step-dad and his farming knowledge, I think we are in good shape now.  He brought the tiller over and we made a nice mound in the center to allow for proper drainage.  Watermelons and cantaloup require lots of space for the vines to spread out, so we planted each of them about 3-4 feet apart.  Here’s our progress before and after we laid out the weed-blocker.

 I actually had 2 more tomato plants also, so we placed them in the middle.  We used some rocks and 2x4s to hold the edges down on the weed-blocker.  And I’ll get some pine-straw to cover it all and clean it up a bit.  And the other side of the garden is making a lot of progress as well.  The cucumbers have EXPLODED!  They are out of control!!  Let’s take a look at the garden when it was originally planted…and then what it looks like today…

 See all that green in the middle? That’s cucumber vines!  You can’t hardly distinguish between the plants anymore.  Next year, the cucumbers are going somewhere else where they can spread out more.  See the little cucumbers starting to sprout?

And here’s our tomatoes on the porch…before…..and today.


So the fruits and veggies are making some progress.  Unfortunately, there are some bugs getting to the plants out in the raised bed, but hopefully some Seven Dust will take care of those.  Fingers crossed everything continues to do well, or even better!

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