Can we stay forever?

What else have we done this week?  A lot more beach, a lot more pool, a few more bike rides, a yummy dinner at the Red Bar, and just some good family time.  We figured out there’s a pool right next to the house we are in (literally right across the street), so it’s quick and easy to get to (and, another bonus, it’s MUCH less crowded than the pool by the beach).


Bennett has gotten more and more adventurous in the pool (and the ocean) throughout the week.  He was loving swimming on his own with his floaties and being thrown up into the air.


 We’ve been taking more trips to Seaside since it’s just a quick bike ride down the street.  Callen, Houston, Greg and I hung out at the Marketplace (ya know, the one from The Truman Show) just sitting on the porch, chatting and laughing at some pretty ridiculous conversations between the 4 of us.  Back at the house, we’ve been trying to cook a lot of meals to help save money.  But last night we went to dinner at The Red Bar.  It was so good!

We’ve had so much fun this week!  It’s been so nice getting away from everything and enjoying a whole week at the beach.  And Watercolor could not be more perfect.  We’ve been away from the crowds and craziness of the bigger beaches and condos.  Everything around us is so kid-friendly since we’re walking and biking distance from everything we’ve done this week.  The house we’re staying in is GORGEOUS, and sweet Elizabeth who has opened it up for us to use this week is an angel.  What a wonderful week this has been!