Family time at the beach

This week we are at the beach with Greg’s family, and so far it has been wonderful!  Mother’s day night we enjoyed dinner and ice-cream out.  Then we were all up bright and early Monday morning ready to enjoy our beach vacation.  I decided to make hashbrown casserole for everyone for breakfast, and my precious niece Evey loved helping me.  We even found this awesome chef’s hats!  (by the way, I have discovered Instagram and am officially obsessed!!!)
 Then we spent the rest of the morning at the beach and the pool.  These kids love the beach, especially Evey.  Everything is so exciting to her.  She is fearless in ocean and the pool.  And luckily both are walking distance from the house we are staying in (courtesy of one of Kendall’s dear friends).
I’m not usually a huge fan of the beach.  Honestly, I’ve never been to the beach for an entire week, only about 3-4 day trips at most.  I usually love it for a few days, and then I just get bored. But these kids are keeping us entertained.
 And we are staying in Watercolor (right next to Seaside), so there’s so much neat stuff.  In addition to the beach and pool, we’ve been biking around town and fishing!  And there’s been a lot of bubble blowing and hoola-hooping!  Poor Cate is in a bit of an anti-social phase.  She only wants her mama 99% of the time.  But when she’s happy, she’s as sweet as can be 🙂

 So day one at the beach was pretty fantastic!  And I’m so glad we have many more to go!