beach life

 We are having so much fun this week.  Our second day at the beach was just as great, if not better!  I actually got in the ocean today to ride some waves with Evey.  Yesterday, Greg and her daddy had to take her cause it was too cold for us other ladies 😉  But, I braved it today with them and she laughed and had a ball!  Even Bennett (who cried tears at the beginning of our beach day yesterday when the ocean water touched him) was out in the waves with us having a great time!  We buried Greg in the sand and then later buried Evey.

After our routine beach and pool morning, we came back for lunch and naps.  While the kids napped, Greg, Callen and I went on a bike ride over to Seaside.  We walked around a little, then took the scenic route back to the house.

Then Greg and I went fishing for a bit.  Yesterday’s fishing attempt wasn’t too successful, so today Greg got us some live shrimp to use as bait.  It worked much better!  Greg caught one, and then we had 3 others that got hooked but squirmed their way off the hooks before we could reel them all the way up to the bridge where we stood.  I even hooked one! (but, he was one who got away).

 All week we’ll be dividing up dinners amongst couples to save money not going out every night.  Tonight was our turn to cook, and we made meatloaf and garlic red potatoes.  Luckily, I think everyone loved it 🙂  After dinner, we took the kids back out to the bridge to fish before bedtime.  Our shrimp had mostly died by then (or maybe fish just aren’t hungry at that hour).  No luck this time.  But we’ll definitely try again tomorrow 🙂