a perfect match

I want to take a break from beach posts to write about my dear friends John and Leah.  May 6th was a beautiful Sunday, perfect for a quiet garden wedding.  Leah and John’s relationship started out similar to mine and Greg’s.  John instantly fell for Leah, but she needed some convincing.  But these two could not be more perfect for each other, and it didn’t take long for them to figure that out.  They are both very outgoing, fun-loving, outdoorsy, family-devoted people, and I’m so happy I could be part of their special day.  And they stood right by our side for our wedding day as well!

Oh, and at our wedding, Leah caught my bouquet and John caught the garter!!  AND THEY GOT ENGAGED THE NEXT WEEKEND!  We love them so much and could not be happier for them 🙂

The weekend started out wonderfully with a bridesmaids luncheon at Nabeel’s in Homewood.  Ever since college, it’s been one of our favorite spots to eat when our girlfriends all get together.  And it was so nice having ALL our girls together in one city again.  We figured out we had not all been together since college graduation day 4 years ago!  Saturday evening’s rehearsal went smoothly, and the rehearsal dinner was right next to the Alabama Theatre downtown.  They even got the theatre to put their names on the marquee!  (Photo courtesy of 205 Photography.)

 Then Sunday was the big day!  John and Leah didn’t see each other at all that day.  And it was so sweet when they finally met eyes as she walked down the aisle.  I couldn’t see Leah from where I stood, so I watched John.  And he was so sweet!  He kept having to look down to hold back a tear, which of course got me and Dana tearing up.  The weather was beautiful, and Leah was stunning!

She picked out these beautiful pinkish/purple dresses.  It was so fun that the whole bridal party was made up of our closest girlfriends.  These girls mean the world to me!
 The day was perfect!  Congrats John and Leah!!