toes in the water

Guess where we’re going!!  To the land of white sand, blue water, and lots of sun.  Well, at least I hope lots of sun.  The weather forecast didn’t look so great some days.  But we will be with Greg’s whole family, including some of my favorite babies 🙂

And while I’m at the beach, I figured it would be an appropriate time to….(this is kinda embarrassing)…finish posting our honeymoon pictures!!  I know, I know.  WAY overdue. But, I have a valid explanation, which is way too long and unimportant to even get into.  But, since I can chronologically change the post date on those, they will be filed back in October/November with the previous honeymoon posts.  You know me. I’m a tad-bit OCD, and so I have to put them with the others where they should have been posted 6 months ago 😉

But first, a day at the lake tomorrow with my family for Mother’s Day/Katie’s 24th birthday.  Should be a great day!