the cookie chronicles – part 3

Unfortunately this step of the cookie chronicles was not actually photographed.  Needless-to-say, this step was a near failure.  And I was getting super crunched for time at this point (the party was about 4 hours later).  And I had called my friend Lauren for back-up.  So photographing was not high on my priority list.  But, I will do my best to pull some internet photos to accurately describe the process.

Here’s what you need….

 Decorating tips of your choice (depending on what patterns you want to make), disposable bags, couplers (the white pieces that allow you to interchange tips), and icing dye.  Once I made the frosting, I decided I wanted to use 3 colors on our cookies.  White, black, and purple.  The frosting naturally was white, so I didn’t use any dye for that.  The black and purple dye I got at Hobby Lobby.  They are made by Wilton, and unlike food coloring, these icing dyes are the consistency of jelly, and they are very concentrated. So, to color the icing, you simply dip a toothpick into the dye and mix it into the icing, and of course, depending on how dark you want the colors to be, you keep adding color with a new toothpick each time.  A little goes a long way.

Once you get the coloring how you want it, scoop each color into it’s own decorating bag.  (Now, here’s the part where I almost thought we were gonna totally fail.)  The frosting (although it came from a recipe that was intended for cooking decorating, was too thick to squeeze out the bags through some of our tips.  So, I slowly added a little bit of water to each frosting to make it a little more runny, because the bags kept bursting and getting holes in them from the pressure.  HOWEVER, even though it came out of the bags easier, we then had trouble with the frosting not “releasing” from the tips.  In order to make some of the decorations, like stars, flowers, etc with the tips, you need the frosting to easily release when pressure is not longer applied to the bag.  We had trouble with this, and I’m wondering if it’s because we had made the icing too thin at that point.  But we still struggled with holes bursting….so I’m not sure what the magic trick is.  Like I said in the first post, there is definitely a learning curve to this cookie decorating business.  Clearly I haven’t mastered it yet!

But, in the end, we got some pretty cute cookies.  And they tasted delicious regardless of how they looked!!!!  I CAN vouch for the taste of these recipes, even if they didn’t perform the way I had hoped.  I’m SURE it’s a mistake on my part, not the recipe itself.

Here’s our final result.  Lots of panties and high heels for our dear friend Leah Oh and a few bras here and there!

And it just wouldn’t be a bachelorette party without at least one penis cookie 😉  We had to bake her just one.