Girls night out!

Last night I had the pleasure of hosting a lingerie/bachelorette night for my dear friend Leah.  Leah lived with me for 2 years when I bought my first house, and we met our soul-mates together!  Seriously, she met John, and through John I met Greg.  And in just two more weeks she’ll be a married gal too!  We started the night out going to dinner at Cocina Superior, and it was so yummy!

After dinner we all came back to mine and Greg’s house for some party games and lingerie gifts.  I made lots of desserts for us to enjoy including chocolate dipped strawberries, “panty” and “high heel” sugar cookies, and some yummy spiked punch! 😉  It took 2 batches before I was pleased with the cookies, and thankfully Lauren helped me decorate them because they were quite time consuming.  (and I’ll be posting the recipes for the cookies and frosting tomorrow!)  And probably one of my favorite items were some vintage pin-up girls I framed to decorate the tables.

We played a few games and Leah opened lots of great lingerie gifts.  One of the games we played, Leah had to answer questions that we had asked John about their relationship.  If she got the answer right, she got to draw from a “good” girl goodie bag.  If she got it wrong though, she drew from a “bad” girl bag filled with funny/sexy goodies.  It got pretty funny and we had lots of laughs.

 She missed a question, and go some edible panties! haha
the happy Maid of Honor (Leah’s sister, Kaylee)
 Lots of laughs 🙂
and one happy bride 🙂

 The rest of the night we went out on the town to a place called Tin Roof. They had a country band playing, and we had lots of fun dancing and enjoying the night. What a great night!

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