another happy weekend

Last weekend we celebrated another wedding.  My dear friend Abby and her fiance Trevor tied the knot.  Abby is one of my friends from high school and we went to Samford together where we were roommates for 3 years. We also studied nursing together!  It was a lovely wedding out at Hargis retreat center.  The ceremony took place in the chapel overlooking the lake.  It was another beautiful Saturday.  And we had some of our long distance girlfriends come into town!!


After the wedding, all of us girls (and our wonderful significant others) went to dinner at Superior Grill.  I love these girls!  We became friends in college and have been together ever since!  Some of them have moved away, but we manage to get together when we can…especially now that some of us are getting married one by one 🙂

Sunday was another pretty day.  We decided to take a trip to my Granddaddy’s lake and we took some friends with us.  My Granddaddy built a lake in the Alabaster area many many years ago.  My family has property on the lake and Greg (and his buddies) have recently figured out that we can go down there whenever we want to fish, hang out, relax and all that good stuff 😉  There aren’t houses built on the lake so it’s very quiet and peaceful.  I can remember many trips out there as a kid, fishing with my Granddaddy, riding in his boat and having picnics with Nana and my cousins.  The property hasn’t really changed one bit since those days, and it’s kinda nice that way.

my boys out on the water in my Granddaddy’s boat
of course we had a dog pack with us….
 this is Amos. He’s one of Steven and Mallorie’s pups, and he’s quite photogenic!
We took Jack out on a quick little fishing attempt.  I say attempt because we didn’t catch anything. Although, Greg and I are very impatient fishermen, uh, fisher-people?  After about 15 mins we wanted to head back to the dock with our friends.  Jack however decided it would be more fun to swim back…

We had fun and the pups were worn out by the time we got home, which is always good.  And we enjoyed hanging out with our friends for the afternoon.  Steven and Mallorie are about to move to Tennessee, so it’s nice spending time with them while they are still somewhat nearby.

This is Roux…Steve and Mal’s beagle mix