day 2 of gardening

We made a lot of progress today on the garden. I bought some weed-killer to spray along the fence lines, got a few more strawberry plants, grape plants and a few more garden necessities.  Here’s some of the containers I planted last week…

These are strawberries…like I said, my strawberries didn’t do well last year, so I’m trying different containers in hopes something works this year. I have a mixture of Ozark Beauty, Quinault, and Sequoia strawberries.

 These are 3 different types of cherry tomatoes…Husky Cherry Red, Super Sweet 100, and Amelia.
But the biggest achievement of the day was our backyard garden area. I got the veggies planted into the raised bed.  I mixed the dirt we piled in it yesterday with the remaining compost from my bin.  Yep, a whole year’s worth of composting all gone in 2 days :/  Oh well, that’s what it’s for.  And check this guy out…
 You know you have good dirt when it’s filled with earthworms, but seriously, this guy was HUGE!! Definitely the biggest worm I’ve ever seen!
While I finished planting, Greg went to get us some gravel to make easier pathways (and to help with drainage). It looks so great now!

I have large tomatoes (Celebrity and Better Boy), red and green bell peppers, cucumbers, and more strawberries. I’ve never grown cucumbers, but my step-dad said they are vines so I added a trellis for them to climb.  The cucumbers are at the top of this picture, along the chicken wire trellis.  The 4 plants in front are the other strawberries.
I mounded these strawberries up to help them drain (again, in hopes of better growth this year).
And I got a soaker hose that winds throughout the garden.  I’ve only used it once so far, but it’s so easy. You just turn on the water and it slowly waters the whole bed.  But eventually, this little beauty will water our garden…
Yep, it’s a rain barrel.  We got it last fall as a wedding gift and it collects rainwater that can be used to water our garden and plants.  It was completely full, but unfortunately we had to empty it to get it up onto this shelf that Greg built.  We figured out that in order to get water to flow through a hose connected to the spigot, you need some help from gravity.  So we had to figure out a way to elevate the barrel.  Greg took a wood pallet and nailed some 2x4s for legs and support beams.  Now we just have to wait for rain to fill it up again (and hope the weight of it doesn’t crush the pallet!)  Once it fills though we can use this to water the garden rather than precious (aka pricey) water from the house. 
Oh and one more thing. I bought us 2 grape vines that will hopefully grow along the fence line. One of them is a Concord grape plant, and I don’t actually remember the name of the other.  They are both red grapes so hopefully they are good!
So there ya have it.  Lots of progress this week.  Of course it’s not 100% done. I still have cantaloup and watermelon to plant, but that will have to wait till next week!  I’m back to work for 3 days and then we are celebrating our first wedding of the season on Saturday!

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