it’s wedding season again!

Last weekend we hosted a wedding shower for our dear friends John and Leah.  Have I mentioned that starting in April we have 6 weddings this spring?  John and Leah are getting married May 6th.


Her sister Kaylee and their mom found an awesome location for the shower.  It took place at the Clubhouse on Highlands. It’s a beautiful home that was built in 1910 and then later used as a clubhouse.  The house is gorgeous inside and out, and sits right on Highland Avenue across from RoHo and Rushton Park.

Our group of girlfriends (Leah’s bridesmaids) and Kaylee planned the shower. Kaylee wanted to use lace and burlap and lots of bright colors as the decorative theme.  Luckily, I had lots of burlap, white serving dishes, and mason jars from our wedding that we could use.  As for food, we had fruit kabobs, cupcakes, veggies and dips, baked brie, chicken salad croissants, bacon-poppers and pimento cheese sandwiches.  It was all so delicious!


 I wanna brag for a minute. Kaylee asked me to do the flower arrangements, and luckily because of my own wedding experience I knew where to go for wholesale flowers.  Kaylee went with me to pick out what colors she wanted to use, and I made the arrangements once we got to the clubhouse.  The other girls worked on setting up food tables and we put pictures of John and Leah all around the clubhouse. Dana made a Wish Tree, in which people write their wishes to the bride and groom and hang it on a tree for display.  She also made a cute banner for the mantle where we set all the gifts.


It could not have been a more beautiful day either.  The weather was sunny and warm, and there was a great porch on the front of the house where people ate and mingled.

John and Leah with each of their future mother-in-laws.
 Leah and her bridesmaids/hostesses
(oh yeah, that’s her aunt Jan in the middle, hehe)
It really was a wonderful day!  We had such a great time with our friends!