framing projects 2

Ok, remember when I said I did 2 framing projects over the weekend?  Here’s how that went.  Remember the bare hallway?

I’ve been wanting to create a gallery wall along the long side on the left.  Does anyone follow the blog Young House Love?  I’m obsessed with John and Sherry. Love them!  Anyways, they have a giant gallery wall in their hallway, which you can see here.  Their hallway is much more open, so I think covering all the walls in our little hallway would feel very overcrowded.  But I love the look of a gallery wall.  So I’m working on the left wall and just adding enough pics and artwork on the other walls to help balance it out.  Here’s the progress I made on our soon-to-be gallery wall…

Oh, and unlike John and Sherry’s gallery wall, I don’t want our to be filled with all photo frames. I want some of the “art” to be actual items, like this little bird mirror I’ve had for a while (and I love!).  I also snagged this little “B” from Hobby Lobby the other day (on sale, of course, for $1.99).  It had these two holes in the back for hanging.  So to avoid multiple trial-and-error nail holes in the wall, I dabbed a bit of toothpaste where the nails needed to go, and stuck the “B” to the wall where I wanted it to hang….

 You probably can’t see the toothpaste marks on the pictures below. I wish I had photoshop so I could draw some arrows to point them out, but I’m not super artsy-fartsy like that (EDIT: Greg to the rescue with some arrows! thanks babe!).  I did darken the image a bit to hopefully make them stand out, but they are vertically placed right in the center of the image.
Once I got the nails in the wall the “B” hung just right.  Oh and the image below it is me and some of my bridesmaids holding our flowers. 🙂  I also pulled out 2 botanical prints I got from World Market several years ago and hung them on the wall.  I tried to scatter things out just enough to not look to spaced out but also enough so I can add things as I want to fully complete the gallery.  And here’s the finished (well, for now) wall…
By the way, have I mentioned how difficult it is to take a good photograph of our hallway? It’s so dark cause there aren’t any windows nearby.  So please excuse the shadowy effect going on. It’s the best I could do.  Can’t wait to fill the wall with more sentimentals.  I have a few ideas in mind, some of which include more artwork, some quotes, another mini shadow box, and some maybe some fabric.  Who knows how the completed project will look in the end!

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