afternoon hike

Last Sunday the weather was nice, and we decided to take a trip to Oak Mountain with the dogs for a little swim.  I love that we are already getting spring weather, cause I love spending time outside.  I have gotten so stir crazy in our house lately.  I don’t particularly like watching tv, and although there are random projects around the house I’ll do every now and then, it still means hanging out in the house.  Last Thursday I spent literally 6 straight hours cleaning and tidying up the house and putting together some of the picture frames I mentioned in the last post.  But, I opened every window in the main den, lit some yummy springy candles and played records all day long while I cleaned. And THAT made a day spent indoors cleaning so much better 🙂

But ANYWAYS, back to our topic of warm weather and playing outside.  So we took the dogs to Oak Mountain last Sunday.  Jack of course is the only one who will go swimming, so while he fetches the ball out in the lake, Lily and Sophie just run along the shoreline and explore the area.  But for some reason Jack lost interest in chasing the ball, and since Lily and Sophie kept wanting to wander off into the woods, Greg and I decided to just take all the dogs for a little hike.  That actually turned out to be much more fun!  There was a small mountain-side trail that wrapped around the lake that we followed for about 50 yards and then it led to a small opening tucked into the woods.  Once we got there the dogs had more freedom to sniff around and run a little bit.  I took these pics with my phone, and as you’ll see, Sophie is only in 1 picture. It’s because she just spends all her time wandering around and sniffing. That’s our hound dog for ya!  It was great and we’ll definitely be taking more hikes with the dogs as the weather continues to warm up 🙂