Catherine Lee

She’s finally here!!! And she’s beeeautiful! And has so much hair!! And the 15 mins I got to hold her just wasn’t enough!!! hehe

Catherine Lee
born 1:38pm
7 lbs. 10 oz.
21 inches long
She came while I was at work today.  I got a text message from my mother-in-law that said “7 lbs. 10 oz perfect.”  When I finally got off of work at 5pm (crazy day), I headed straight to Brookwood and met up with Greg. By the time we found Jordan’s room (Brookwood hospital has the worst signs for direction), all the visitors were just about to leave.  But as soon as we got into the room Evey said “look! look! here’s the baby! Do you want to hold her?”  lol.  OH, DID I!  Luckily, everyone else already had their turn so I got to hold her immediately.  She is a doll! And according to everyone, she looks just like Evey as a baby.  Bennett better watch out! He’s gonna have a sister-twin team to grow up with I’m sure.  Cate will be Evey’s little buddy 🙂  And speaking of Bennett.  Jordan said he is obsessed with Cate!! haha. He just kept stroking her hair, and begging to hold her and didn’t make a fuss about Jordan holding her (have I mentioned what a mama’s boy he is).  Let’s hope that all continues once Cate is home!  How cute is this…
Can’t wait to see that pretty little face again!  Man, when we start adding grandbabies to the Graves side of the family, it’s gonna be crazy.  I can’t imagine how much I’m gonna love my sisters’ babies!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Congrats Jordan and Eric!  So happy for you both!!

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  1. Such a beautiful baby!! And I’d like to see some babies on our side of the family too… I need babies to obsess over! — Emily

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