another niece on the way!

It’s time, it’s time!  Baby Cate is finally going to make her arrival tomorrow!! I’m so excited to meet her!!!!  My dear sister-in-law’s due date was February 21.  A whopping 8 days ago.  Since she had a c-section with her first child, her doctors have been trying to avoid inducing her.  But after no progress this week, she finally got admitted this evening and is having a balloon procedure done overnight and then the plan is to induce her in the morning.

I had to work all last weekend, and although I’m anxious to meet my newest niece, I was afraid she would come over the weekend when I’d be stuck at work.  Well, I’m scheduled to work tomorrow also but thanks to a dear fellow nurse, I will get to leave at 4pm.  Thank you so much Sara!!  So I’m hoping to hop over to Brookwood when I get off work and hang out in the waiting room with the rest of the Boggs crew.

I can’t believe she’s finally going to be here!  We’ve all been so curious what she’s going to look like.  Evey (our first niece) is a miniature version of her mama, and Bennett (our nephew) is a spitting image of his daddy. So, who will baby #3 look like!? 🙂

So, in honor of welcoming Cate to the world, let’s take a walk down memory lane with Evey and Bennett 🙂

Now I didn’t meet Greg until January 2010, so Evey was already 2 years old when I met her. But here’s some baby Evelyn Grace (Jordan, I snagged all these from your facebook, hope that’s ok!)
then along came Bennett Callaway…
We are all ready for you Cate! See you tomorrow 🙂